Artist: Steve Void

Steve Void, born in The Netherlands as Stef van Vugt, started making music at the age of 15. It didn’t take long after that before he started investing his time in dance music as a fan and as an artist.

In 2015, Steve scored his first hit with his adaptation of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”, which did over 7 million plays on Soundcloud in the first months alone. He didn’t stop there however, with all of his succeeding releases like his remixes of “Shades of Grey”, “Beat the Sunrise” and his original edit “Stronger”, all reaching millions of plays each, totaling over 16 million plays on Soundcloud alone.

This all has given Steve a great start into 2016, and with his newest hit “Burnin’ ”, with Alex Adair, we can be sure there’s a lot more we can expect from this rising star.