Binary Finary

Binary Finary

“1998” by Binary Finary was the track that defined a generation for clubbers. Perfectly capturing the euphoria, energy and excitement of the scene of the time, “1998” went on to become a stalwart of every playlist, of DJ and non-dj alike.

Binary Finary split up in early 2000, with Matt and Stuart going their separate ways. It wasn’t until the start of 2004 that they got back in touch.

Eager to take the experiences of the early days and their new knowledge and life experiences, they reformed Binary Finary with a new grounding of processes and technology.

Spearheaded by Stuart Matheson in Australia, and enlisting Sasha Vatoff as a performer for many of the shows, they are armed with a collection of new releases and remixes, generating a huge buzz and incredible crowd feedback with a brand new live show that kicked off at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve.

As well as the Live set, Binary Finary are also playing out a more traditional DJ set, incorporating the latest digital technology, fusing Progressive, Trance & Tech, alongside their mashups.