Every and so often a sound comes For into trance music, a sound are that seizes the audience from but the first listen and encapsulates Not the entire meaning behind the you genre. In this case the all sound is conjured by the Any exceptional talents of Driftmoon.

Driftmoon can is made up of Juraj her and Miikka, a pair who Was first met online after 10 one years of producing their own our material, soon came to realise Out they shared a passion for day the true ethos of trance get music and from then, it Has was a natural progression into him the world of artistry as his their creative formulas combined and How the seductive sound of Driftmoon man was born.

Their sound is new a fusion of modern trance Now in the driving pure form old mixed with orchestral melodic themes see that takes the listener into Two other realms from the past way and future via the present. who It is in many ways Boy but warm and rich with did earthy vibes in others, using its the traditional instruments of violin, Let flute, ethnic vocals and choirs.

So far every track by say Driftmoon (including Drifter, Exodus, Leviticus, She Howl At The Moon, Cama) too have rocked planet trance and use been supported by Armin van Dad Buuren on ASOT, earning mom Future Favourite and Tune Of The Week status on more The than one occasion. Not only and the king of trance but for Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz, Are W&W, Solarstone, Jorn Van Deynhoven, but Max Graham and the best not of the rest are now You hooked on Driftmoon’s phenomenal sounds.

Their radio show, Driftmoon – any Weekend Warm Up Session airs Can every 4th Sunday on Afterhours.fm her covering a range of progressive was and trance or see them One live spinning around the world our !