With 15 years being part of the Latin America electronic music escene, Magdalena has achieve to build an artist career with solid bases. Dj, producer, vocalist and label manager; this multifaceted artist breathes music all over her body.

Was resident of La Sala, Cinema, Cha Cha and Lov, in Bogotá. 5 years ago she moved to her native city and is resident of Mansion Club.
Has released music in labels like Techsound, Business Class Records, We Love Bta, Inversion Records, Pz Records, Broken Mind Recordings, Panal Records; and some remixes in Techsound, B55, Black Leather and more. In 2015 her first vinyl was released under Broken Mind Recordings, “Desobediencia Civil” which includes a hard intro that shows the social reality of her country, an original track with a remix of Myles Serge and a dark and dense outro. The original track of this ep was mixed by Ben Sims in one of his podcasts on 2015. One her productions on Pz Records was remixed by Valentino Emme and Ilario Alicante. Ilario Alicante’s remix was has been played by Slam, Rohad and more. Made an ep for Black Leather Records in colaboration with Lebenslauf 85 aka Cute Heels and her track “You Should Come To Berlin, He Said” (WeLove Bta) was played by Rebekah on her Essential Mix of 2017.

With influences of punk, rock, industrial and a mix of music styles, melomaniac by nature, Magdalena mixes all these influences in her sets; strong, convincing, aggressive, dynamic, avoiding the monotony of the repetitive beat, making even the non techno people, enjoy, feel and fall for techno.

Label manager at Broken Mind Recordings, creator of the “Desobediencia Civil”, party that that has been done around Medellin and other cities in Colombia. Selected on the Top 20 of Colombian Djs by TUMP (2016), Invited to be part of the first edition of Boiler Room in Colombia on 2015, set that was selected by Pulse Radio as one of the best techno livestreams of 2016.