Talla 2XLC

Talla 2XLC

Knowing how to make a night an unforgettable experience – that is what TALLA 2XLC has been famous for since many years. As a DJ and producer the Frankfurt-based artist belongs to the cream of the technoscene and he continuously grew to be one of the top characters of the technoculture. He was the one who used the word “techno” for the first time for categorizing the arising electronic music productions – long before the US scene created the term “techno-house”.

Alongside artists like Westbam and Sven Väth TALLA 2XLC belongs to the first big DJs. TALLA started the famous “Sound of Frankfurt” and his partys at Technoclub @ Dorian Gray were just legendary!

Since 1998 TALLA 2XLC belongs to the most booked DJs in Germany. Guvernment (Toronto), Spundae (Los Angeles), Trance Energy (Holland) – the list of the events and clubs TALLA plays is nearly endless and there can be found only the most famous locations. With his labels Tetsuo, Suck Me Plasma and more he had some big chart hits. Doing remixes for B.B.E., Yves Deruyter, Front 242, Praga Khan, Giorgio Moroder, Gary Numan and being a member of the “Trance Allstars”-project brought him international respect. With his Technoclub compilation and the so-called “mix-battles” he built up a whole genre.

A big opening night was celebrated in October 2006, when TALLA presented the first party in his “most wanted” location, the legendary U60311-club in Frankfurt-city, where the likes of Sven Väth, Carl Cox and Paul van Dyk have been standing already behind the decks. The clubbers travel from all over Europe to join TALLA, his residents and guest-DJs at the monthly parties. In December 2009 TALLA celebrated the 25th anniversary of Technoclub. Together with John O’Callaghan and Roger Shah he played at a sold-out club!

Technoclub Radio
Once a month you can listen to TALLA 2XLC live on the radio. At Germany’s biggest dance radio station “Sunshine Live” he presents every second Thursday of the month (22.00 – 0.00 h) the best trax of the international trance- and technoscene. Since February, his global fans can catch him for example at ah.fm with his new internetshow “Addicted to Trance”. Besides that, he has lately started a new monthly podcast, that you can find here for free: http://talla2xlc.podOmatic.com

Technoclub CD
The Technoclub compilation series has found a new home at “Klubbstyle” in the beginning of 2006. All the latest volumes reached the official german Media Control Charts, and vol. 29 “TALLA 2XLC meets Giuseppe Ottaviani” was voted as the best CD of the year by the readers of german Raveline magazine in 2009!

Now we live in the year 2010, many people say techno and trance are dead, but TALLA 2XLC shows us the opposite: with the reanimation of his “Tetsuo”-label, the electrohouse label “Electric” (here he discovered superstar Deadmau5) and the brand new uplifting label “Addicted to Trance” he is back in the international scene stronger than ever and celebrates big successes. Almost all tracks released on these labels have reached the top 10 of several online download platforms and many of them were presented as Single of the month at England’s famous Mixmag.

Talla productions
Together with his production partners he is working on new, wonderful hymns that will be released throughout the world this year. The latest tracks such as “The Spirits Within” and “Terra Australis” were already hammered by all famous DJs such as Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and many more. The newest single “Pro-Life” attracts a lot of attention in the scene and can be found in all charts. “The Spirits Within” could be found in the top 5 at Beatport and Trackitdown for weeks.

2012 will be a big year for TALLA, many new songs, new compilation CDs and a worldwide tour are in the pipeline.

TALLA wants to show at his gigs, that there can be found really good and innovative trance and progressive sounds again – far away from all the cheesy commercial trash.