Hardwell - Hardwell On Air 374

Hardwell On Air 374

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Hardwell On Air will give everyone’s weekend that extra boost, by bringing that trendsetting and original Hardwell sound! Next to Hardwell’s latest floorfillers, the show gives a platform to new DJ talent with the item ” Demo of the Week”. Be sure to tune in!

Artist : Hardwell
Show : Hardwell – Hardwell On Air 374
Quality : 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Duration: 58:13
Genre : House
Source: Youtube

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Hardwell - Hardwell On Air 374 Tracklist



Hardwell & Blasterjaxx Massive BIG ROOM NEVER DIES!!!😍🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥

*Hardwell & Blasterjaxx feat. Mitch Crown – Big Room Never Dies* 🔥

bardock limit breaker dude this spam dont work in a video from 2018

Hands up HIGH couse Bigroom Never Dies!
– Team Hardwell 🙌👏


26:02 Waiting for this! What a great banger from Castion and Jack & James🔥

Gotta admit that “Husman – Mad King” it’s 56.098.161 mln times better than Big Room Never Dies, what a 💣

Fifteen > Going Crazy > Bigroom Never Dies (it’s a good track but nothing compared to Fifteen in it’s prime time)

That new Toby Green 🔥 Not as rough as his last few releases, Lovely

I repost Hardwell & Blasterjaxx feat. Mitch Crown – Big Room Never Dies hight quality on my channel


The LNY TNZ remix of Love is dead is For free two month ago 😂😂😂

Hardwell & Blasterjaxx ft Mitch Crown – Bigroom Never Dies, Mark Sixma – Sphere, Husman – Mad King. 🙌 🙌 🙌

Wow ‘Mad King’ is the final and the best track of the EP !!! This is a masterpiece ! ❤❤

Shame that the other ID from Hardwell & Blasterjaxx was Cancelled 😯😯

Brasil mucho mas grande que Bélgica. Es porque tiene tan copas. Estamos (Bélgica) un pocito país…

8:14 “Let me see you clap your hands,Let me see you clap your hands,clap,clap,clap,clap,clap,clap your hands”
Hardwell in The Blasterjaxx Set in the UMF 2018

My top 5:
#1 Bigroom Never Dies
#2 Journey
#3 Hit It
#4 What I Feel
#5 Mad King

No saben cuánto había esperado para esto amigos Big room never dies por fin

ajxjs – ID cuando subiras ese drop de afrojack ultra europa, ultra singapure?

BRND is such a simple yet fuckin Banger track. Dont compare it with other hardwell blasterjaxx collabs.

the hardwell you are the one end only😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

Isaac Stachura hay que pensar la selección de Belgica igual tiene buen equipo y la gran mayoria de sus jugadores son de recambio, gracias por dejar a todos los sudamericanos afuera, es la maldicción de nuestro CHILEE ♡♡♡GRANDE CHILE MIERDAAA!!!

If this Husman track is more good than the hardwell collab with blasterjaxx, hear Husman – Rise of the Mad King (chapter one). This one is even better than bigroom never dies

Sergio cardeñosa garcia la cancelaron los hijos de su puta madre :”’v

Everlasting124 solid and the beat are pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Pues era mucho mejor la otra collab 😢 espero que no esté cancelada

Sergio cardeñosa garcia Idir confirmó en el livestream que hicieron hace unas semanas que no saldria ya que fue reemplazada por BRND….

BIGROOM NEVER DIES going to be the best banger this year!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Everybody Know where can I listen the First time that Blasterjaxx play Big Room Never Dies?,when in that time the ID was called “Freaky”.

Paul I Think That Blasterjaxx Cancelled the ID because of Big Room Never Dies,there is a reddit post when they confirmed that but i couldn’t find that post….

bigroom never dies kinda felt a little empty but still a good track overall

Bigroom never dies, Drop Blasterjaxx | melody Hardwell 🔥🔥🔥🔥 insane 🇲🇽🇲🇽

Talento peruano!!👌🙌 tu estilo es brutal!🔥🔥 sigue asi bro💪

Yeah, I only hear a few of Hardwell in the melody part of this song.

6:54 Bigroom Never Dies🔥🔥
Been waiting for it!!
Definitely a big banger from Hardwell & Blasterjaxx~~~💣💣💣

Everybody try, but just Brasil is five. RESPECT THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME

Hardwell most likely made the break cuz it sounds like his style. could be wrong tho

Guys i put what i want, it’s MY top, my preferences so don’t complain about what i had to put.

Big Room Never Dies, Mad King and hardstyle remix Love is Dead <3 Big, big tracks this episode!

How can you compare Husman – Mad King to Blasterjaxx & Hardwell – Bigroom Never Dies? If it is your subjective opinion okay but the style of those two tracks are different. It’s like comparing Melbourne Bounce to Trance.

@hardwell didn’t you premiere “Bigroom Never Dies” at Ultra South Africa but just didn’t tell anyone🌚

Ayoub AIT OUFEKIR isn’t he premiering because it’s appearing on Revealed?

There’s no need to compare Bigroom Never Dies with Mad King, both are absolute bangers🔥🔥

finally the most awaited track…hands up hands up high…hardwell and blasterjaxx made ‘big room never dies’🤘❤

SWACQ – Yababa reminds me one track with same synth. Could someone give me a hint?

might be but it was supossed to be released as solo track in march and then out of nowhere hardwell get his name on this track. Also there was video on ig saying thats track is freaky and its solo and had different voices which fitted to track better my opinion

Such an Overrated track. Just because it is a Blasterjaxx X Hardwell collab it doesn’t mean that it is good. Such a boring drop melody and lead. The break is the only ok thing in the track.

Come on, that break of bigroom never dies is 0/10, deserve something better!

Bigroom Never Dies Bcoz Bigroom Fans Never Die……..Love My Bigroom Kings Blasterjaxx

Robert Hardwell No exactly, but this is not the better of Blasterjaxx.

Diëgo TAM this is ok but when afrojack and hardwell hands up track going to be officially announced and release

Hardwell please release that collaborative track with afrojack as u premiered everywhere and now its time for this track…

Cannot wait to see you tonight brother!
We are ready to rock Ultra Europe 😎

Makeyn ahsen men Blasterjaxx imta ken hadro 3ala Big Room yal beldi ta3 buk

I believe no track can overcome fifteen at its prime time during tomorrowland 2012 i guess, but this is MUCH BETTER than going crazy. This track is much more alike their styles combined than going crazy.

Exspririt I honestly don’t care who makes it as long as its good i’ll listen to it

Rodrigo Prazeres I Agree With You…..But All Tracks I Love Of Blasterjaxx Coz I’m Fan Of Blasterjaxx…. Even I Love Going Crazy During Ultra Miami 2016

Sharon Alvarez Nava a mi no me faltes el respeto si no quieres verte con mis abogados.

Bernardo Lopez Figueredo we are one instrumental is way better

FIFTEEN 🔥 is the best Big Room track ever made, end of the story.

Mal Te Gracias por callar al PENDEJO señor argentino narizon de mierda. :3


Lucca Neves só msm pk és brasileiro 😂😂
Mas tens razão

BIGROOM NEVER DIES quiero esa canción oficialmente está 10/10 👌👌😍😍

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