A Darker Wave 17-09-2022 396 – Tolee

A Darker Wave 17-09-2022 396 - Tolee

Artist: P-Mac, Jacki-E
Show: A Darker Wave 17-09-2022 396 – Tolee
Genre: Techno
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A Darker Wave 17-09-2022 396 – Tolee Tracklist

A Darker Wave, the best in underground techno, tech house, deep house and anything else we like enough to play in the show, presented by Jacki-E and P-Mac.

The guest mix in the second hour is by Tolee, a DJ/ Producer from Berlin. He’s been producing dub & electronica since the late 90’s when his debut album “Tol. Trap” was released. Since 2020 he’s focused more on techno, using uptempo, progressive psytech beats & dark synth stabs in his productions. His most recent EP, “Join Me” was released in July 2022. He’s also a keen live performer, DJ-ing at various events and venues over the years. The mix he’s done for us consists entirely of his own tracks, most of which haven’t been released yet.

1st hour.

A Darker Wave in the mix:-.

1 Tripolism – Magnetic ft Theo Curtis Kissi (original mix) Out of Options

  1. Lucio Consolo, Agustin Buaon – Farrago (original mix) Broken Hearted
  2. Hot Chip – Hungry Child (Popof Dub remix)
  3. JP Lantieri – Love Yourself (original mix) Flemcy Music.
  4. Shamans – Valerian (original mix) Broken Hearted.
  5. Electrypnose – Foreach Loop (Crescendoll remix) Shadowulf Records.
  6. JG – Outsider (original mix) Banshee Records
  7. Multi Tul – Polyzero (original mix) Pointzero.
  8. Anna Unusyan – Giant Peach (original mix) Kneaded Pains.
  9. Sisko Electrofanatik, Tom Wax – Mind, Body, Future (original mix) Codex Recordings promo to be released 14th October 2022.
  10. Fabrizio Murgia, Ire Dreamer – If It Doesn’t (Rohan (IT) & Omerika remix) Boiler Underground Records.
  11. Nakadia – Here We Are (original mix) IAMT.
  12. Mha Iri, Subject32 – Solace (original mix) Factory 93 Records.
  13. Gusttavo Luys – Effect (original mix) Detection Music.
  14. 1 Soolver – Oblivion (original mix) Codex Recordings promo to be released 7th October 2022.
  15. 16. Eli Brown – Pressure (original mix) Drumcode.
  16. L.ap – Contact (Lisa May (AUS) remix) Boiler Underground Records.
  17. Nikoretti – Senseless (original mix) Absinthe promo to be released 7th October 2022.
  18. Anela, Linda Pirrone – Forget About Me (Tony Romanello remix) Gain Records.

2nd hour.
Tolee – An exclusive guest mix for A Darker Wave

  1. Tolee – Control (original mix) recordJet.
    2. Tolee – I Know (original mix) Unreleased.
    3. Tolee – Elevation (original mix) Alula Tunes.
    4. Tolee – Conscious (original mix) Unreleased.
    5. Tolee – Disco (original mix) recordJet.
    6. Tolee – Energy (original mix) Unreleased.
    7. Tolee – Dark (original mix) Unreleased.
    8. Tolee – Escape (original mix) Unreleased.
    9. Tolee – Outsider (original mix) Unreleased.
    10. Tolee – Safari (original mix) Unreleased.
    11. Tolee – Dice (original mix) Unreleased.
    12. Tolee – Retorno (original mix) Unreleased.
    13. Tolee – TOL (original mix) Unreleased.
    14. Tolee – Dive (original mix) Unreleased.
    15. Tolee – Exit (original mix) Unreleased.
    16, Tolee – Imagination/ outro (original mix) Music4Group.
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