A Darker Wave 389 – Sundelin

A Darker Wave 389 - Sundelin

Artist: P-Mac, Jacki-E
Show: A Darker Wave 389 – Sundelin
Genre: Techno
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A Darker Wave 389 – Sundelin Tracklist

A Darker Wave, the best in underground techno, tech house, deep house and anything else we like enough to play in the show, presented by Jacki-E and P-Mac.

The guest mix in the second hour is by Sandra Sundelin aka Sundelin, a Swedish-born, Melbourne based electronic artist, writer, event host, and DJ. Her stylistic focus lies within heavily groovy techno, tech house, and minimal. Her soulful yet tough musical style is replete with chugging and pulsating basslines, dark, heavy tech influences, infectious shifting rhythms, and upbeat fun melodies.

1st hour.

A Darker Wave in the mix:-.

  1. Efmin – Believe in Yourself (Patrick Hero remix) Rezongar Music promo to be released 11th August 2022.
  2. Dmitry Molosh – Surface (Sebastian Haas remix) Deepwibe Underground promo to be released 1st August 2022.
  3. Flo Circus – The Harvest (original mix) Circus Music promo to be released 1st August 2022.
  4. Illus1on – Tranz (original mix) White Line Music.
  5. MNDC – Hope (original mix) Red Channel Records.
  6. Alice DiMar – Can’t Sleep (Heerhorst remix) Moonbootique Records.
  7. Rachel Raw – Dirty Dicer (HK 22 remix) Raving Society.
  8. Tolee – Minha (original mix) Cerebro.
  9. Invadia – Desire (original mix) Red Channel Records.
  10. Rebuke – Utopia (original mix) Drumcode.
  11. Denise Schneider – Te Samba (original mix) Made in Brussels.
  12. Invadia – What I Have Done (original mix) Red Channel Records.
  13. MNDC – Humanity (original mix) Red Channel Records.
  14. Nakadia – Learning to Fly (original mix) Codex Recordings.
  15. Tony Romanello – Incubus (original mix) Red Channel Records.
  16. Abe van Dam – Nocturnal (original mix) Red Channel Records.
  17. Olga (GR) – In a Beam of Light (original mix) Phobiq Recordings.

2nd hour.
Sundelin. – An exclusive guest mix for A Darker Wave

  1. Hertz Collision – Jvlia (Truncate remix) Truncate.
    2. KMYLE – Prometheus (original mix) Skryptom.
    3. Mark Broom, Thomas Hoffknecht – Combination (original mix) STRGHTx
    4. RNGD – Potential 1.3 (original mix) RNGD.
    5. Drunken Kong – Take It (original mix) Tronic.
    6. Rene Wise – Swamp Dancer (original mix) SK Eleven.
    7. Moddullar – Rotate (original mix) Innsignn.
    8. Gaga – Runner (original mix) Transmit Recordings.
    9. Jaceo – Fermi (original mix) Tronic.
    10. Lars Huismann – Frozen Minds (original mix V.oxnox
    11. Rhomb – Bloc (original mix) Rmb.
    12. P.E.A.R.L. – Dirty Knees (original mix) Oaks.
    13. Marc Romboy – Sequential Error (original mix) Cocoon Recordings.
    14. Weska – Stellar Tidal Disruption (original mix) Filth on Acid.
    15. Pig&Dan – Reset Your Bassline (original mix) Cocoon Recordings.
    16. Eric Sneo – Out Of Step (original mix) Tronic.
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