A Darker Wave 411 – Nico Ramirez (New Year’s Eve Show)

A Darker Wave 411 - Nico Ramirez (New Year’s Eve Show)
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Artist: P-Mac, Jacki-E
Show: A Darker Wave 411 – Nico Ramirez (New Year’s Eve Show)
Genre: #Techno
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A Darker Wave 411 – Nico Ramirez (New Year’s Eve Show) Tracklist

The guest mix in the second hour is by Nico Ramirez who’s from Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany. He’s one of the earliest and long standing supporters of our show. He also holds a monthly residency at Reykjavik Underground and his style is dark, deep, hypnotic techno.

1st hour.

A Darker Wave in the mix:-.

  1. JP Lantieri – Zenith (original mix) Flemcy Music promo to be released 9th January 2023.
  2. Linkin Park – Roads Untravelled (Ayan Akca remix)
  3. Stella Bossi – Molly for Breakfast (original mix) The Beat Must F”ck.
  4. Luca Napoli – The Heat (original mix) Red Channel Records.
  5. Roberto Capuano _ The Beginning (original mix) Drumcode.
  6. Cosmic Project – Someone (original mix) Red Channel Records
  7. Four Hands (GER) – Look at Me (original mix).
  8. Heerhorst – Uncertain Future (original mix)
  9. Jody 6 – Filth in the Forrest (original mix) Frisson Records.
  10. Khatune, Domek – Skydiver (original mix) Infekted Records.
  11. Luca Morris, Mozzy Rekorder – In Your Face (original mix) Limbo Records.
  12. Noemi Black – With You (original mix) Kuukou Records.
  13. Simina Grigoriu – Sector Unu (orignal mix) Kuukou Records.
  14. Marco Faraone – Dream (original mix) Drumcode.
  15. Lee Ann Roberts – Alter Ego (Milo Spykers remix) NowNowRecords promo to be released 10th February 2023.
  16. 1 Romina Dez – Pwrfull (original mix) Odd Recordings.
  17. Jody 6, Marie Vaunt – Acid in Your Mind (original mix) Fe Chrome.
  18. Sergio Axe – Senses Overloaded (original mix) Exetra Records promo to be released 6th January 2023.
  19. Alosoul – The Sky is Falling (original mix) Exetra Records.
  20. Alys, BFVR – Alliance (original mix) Skryptom Records promo to be released 6th January 2023.

2nd hour.
Nico Ramirez – An exclusive guest mix for A Darker Wave

  1. Translate – Operation Variables (original mix) Edit Select.
    2. Translate – Static (original mix) Edit Select.
    3. Translate – Fractional Exponents (original mix) Edit Select.
    4. Translate – Cognitive Disruptions (original mix) Edit Select.
    5. Linear System – Beam Splitters (original mix) Blank Code.
    6. Translate – Coding 3D (original mix) Edit Select.
    7. Ricardo Garduno – Hold it (original mix) Illegal Alien Records.
    8. F Garciolo – Memories (original mix) Solemne Records.
    9. Bran Lanen – Seriousness (original mix) Solemne Records.
    10. Pulso & Axling – untitled 1 (original mix) ffworldcolonies ltd.
    11. Axel Karakasis – In The Queue (original mix) Planet Rhythm.
    12. Ruben Ganev – Concrete Jungle (original mix) mould.audio.
    13. bw – Olives (original mix) Newrhythmic Records.
    14. DJ Dextro – Walk Away (original mix) Second State.
    15. DJ Hyperactiv – Mono Dynamik (original mix) DJ Hyperactiv.
    16. Dani Vegas – Examinado (original mix) Primitive State Records.
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