A Darker Wave 415 – Rubz Reugner

A Darker Wave 415 - Rubz Reugner
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Artist: P-Mac, Jacki-E
Show: A Darker Wave 415 – Rubz Reugner
Genre: #Techno
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A Darker Wave 415 – Rubz Reugner Tracklist

The guest mix in the second hour is by Rubz Reugner is from Almeira in Spain and is now based in Cardiff in the UK. His mixes feature Peak Time techno tracks with tension building breakdowns and explosive drops.

1st hour.

A Darker Wave in the mix:-.

  1. Cutting Crew – Died in Your Arms (Guypa & Shiber edit) Free download https://soundcloud.com/guy-padan/died-in-your-arms-guypa-shiber-edit
  2. Bruno Oloviani – Cubik (original mix) Rebel House Records promo to be released soon.
  3. The Timeless – Find Us (Martinec remix) Sounds and Frequencies promo to be released soon.
  4. 4. Township Rebellion, Victor Pilava – Mephisto (original mix) Truesoul.
  5. Alinka – Power of Today (original mix) Needwant.
  6. Miss Mana – Magnetic Waves (original mix) Cancelled promo to be released 10th February 2023.
  7. Miane – Love Myself (original mix) Arcane Music.
  8. Mary Droppinz – New York City (original mix) Altered States.
  9. Projex – Fall of Troy (original mix) Unreleased.
  10. Eli Brown – Freak (original mix) Drumcode.
  11. Andertwin – The Cross It Hangs Upside Down (original mix) Frisson Records.
  12. Anonymo – Little Hummer (original mix) Kantara Records.
  13. Nem3sis – Free (original mix) Onhcet Republik promo to be released 10th February 2023.
  14. T78 – Tructer (2K23) (original mix) Autektone.
  15. Tiger Stripes – Altar (original mix) Drumcode.
  16. Maur Gulo, LLX – Seriously (original mix) Red Channel Records.
  17. Roberto Capuano – When the Lights Go Down (original mix) Drumcode.
  18. Maurice Burgbacher – Emission Nebula (original mix) Exetra Records.
  19. Simina Grigoriu – 1981 (original mix) Koukoo Records.

2nd hour.
Rubz Reugner – An exclusive guest mix for A Darker Wave

  1. Julian Jeweil – Intro (original mix) Drumcode.
    2 Monika Kruse Meets Timmo – Violet (original mix) Terminal M.
    3. Mark Michael – Mothership (original mix) Kraftek.
    4. Pleasurekraft, Brennen Grey – UFO Death Cult (original mix) Kraftek.
    5. Sisko Electrofanatik – Ametista (Tiger Stripes remix) Terminal M.
    6. Provøst – Body Language (Extended mix) Techno Brooklyn Records.
    7. D-Unity – Notice (original mix) Tronic.
    8. HI-LO, Layton Giordani – Rabbit Hole (original mix) Drumcode.
    9. Danny Fontana – Welcome to My Future (original mix) Oramge Recordings.
    10. A.D.H.S. – Razor (original mix) Drumcode.
    11. Omis (Italy) – The Other Time Intro (original mix) Unrilis.
    12. Sam Paganini – Rave (Adam Beyer, Layton Giordani remix) Drumcode.
    13. Bart Skils, Weska – House of Lords (original mix) Drumcode.
    14. Juli Aristy – Other People (original mix) Unity Records.
    15. Fede Maya – Walking Friend (original mix) Phobiq.
    16. Hollen – Circular Plane (Intro mix) Prospect Records.
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