A Darker Wave 423 – Raffaele del Zingaro

A Darker Wave 423 - Raffaele del Zingaro
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Artist: P-Mac, Jacki-E, Raffaele del Zingaro
Show: A Darker Wave 423 – Raffaele del Zingaro
Genre: #Techno
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A Darker Wave 423 – Raffaele del Zingaro Tracklist

1st hour.

A Darker Wave in the mix:-.

  1. Ben Code – Stardust (original mix) Metherealism promo to be released 31st March 2023.
  2. Ben Code – Nomadic (original mix) Metherealism promo to be released 31st March 2023.
  3. JP Lantieri – Forty Something (Manu Riga remix) Flemcy Music promo to be released 14th April 2023.
  4. Dan Von Schulz, BeatQueche – Da Da Da (Low Cuntrast remix) Trippy Code
  5. Far From Home – Prophet (original mix) Sequence Music.
  6. DJ Dee – Don’t Stop Now (original mix) mau5trap promo to be released 31st March 2023.
  7. Tini Gessler – Nothng Expected (original mix) Drumcode.
  8. Sullivan De Morro – Come With Me (original mix) Sounds of Urban promo to be released April 2023.
  9. Chelina Manuhutu – Amsterdam Rave (original mix) Drumcode.
  10. Jennifer Lee – Fake Prophets (original mix) Huambo Records,
  11. Layton Giordani – Life Moves Fast (original mix) Drumcode.
  12. Pam & Margot – Contact (original mix) Exetra Records.
  13. Ryan Michael Robbins – Inebriation (original mix) Fierce Animal Recordings.
  14. Pao Calderon – Vortex (original mix) Exetra Records.
  15. Bart Skils – Roll the Dice (original mix) Drumcode.
  16. Lucas White – Delirium (original mix) Lazuli Records promo to be released 31srt March 2023.
  17. Xesus Xanchez – Orion (original mix) Svstain.
  18. Dark Mode – Vocal Chords (original mix)
  19. Deborah de Luca – Wild (original mix) Sola Mente.
  20. Alosoul – Get Out (original mix) Exetra Records promo to be released 27th March 2023.
  21. Hannah Laing – Mind Controller (original mix) Trick.
  22. Holden Federico – Emergence (original mix) SK Eleven.

2nd hour.
Raffaele del Zingaro – The Dark Side of Me #7 (an exclusive guest mix for A Darker Wave)

  1. AKKI (DE) – Venezia (original mix) From the Soul.
  2. Michael Katana – Help Me (original mix) Techno Germany Records.
  3. Xonnox – Tekno (Karrot Pico remix) Self-release via Distrokid.
  4. TRYM – Trinity (Amelie Lens remix) Exhale.
  5. Karasso – Focus & Concentration (original mix) Smash the House.
  6. Maddix – Heute Nacht (original mix) Revealed Music.
  7. Basswell – Massive Attack (original mix)
  8. Creeds – Push Up (original mix) Rave Alert.
  9. Will Sparks – Dreaming (original mix) Spinnin’ Records.
  10. Will Sparks – HARD (original mix) Revealed Music.
  11. OMAKS – Back Street Bass (original mix) Bonne Nuit Les Petits.
  12. CARV – Say My Name (original mix) Revised Records.

13, Diction Dj – Jamaican (Luca Agnelli Ice MC Edit)

  1. Joey Risdon – Hardcore Power (original mix) DUR_
  2. CARV – Brembo (original mix) Revised Records
  3. Joey Risdon -Consommation (original mix) Fusion Records
  4. Lucas Campagna – Can I Drive u To The Rave (original mix) Oiz Records.
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