AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 216 | Kaiser Souzai & Abstrakt

Artist: AlBird

Show: AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 216 | Kaiser Souzai & Abstrakt
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno, Deep-House,, Tech-House
Source: RSS

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AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 216 | Kaiser Souzai & Abstrakt Tracklist

Ballroom Records Radioshow 216 with Kaiser Souzai & Abstrakt
Ballroom Records Radioshow #216

This is Ballroom Records Radio! Welcome to a new episode of our weekly podcast series!

This time it’s Kaiser Souzai taking over in the first hour with a live recording from one of his shows down under in Australia.

2nd hour’s takeover is coming from Abstrakt (UK) who’s already been part here on Ballroom Records with his remix of Christian Hornbostel’s “Biomimetic out last Summer.

For more information regarding the show, visit you’ll find all the links to the streaming platforms as well as all the radiostations where we’re aired week-in and week-out.

1st hour Kaiser Souzai:

1. Kaprun Days – Kaiser Souzai (Ballroom)
2. Julika – Mikerobenics (Kaiser Souzai Remix) (BluFin)
3. Lost In Wanaka – Kaiser Souzai (Transmit)
4. 7 Minutes 2 Midnight – Nakadia (Kaiser Souzai Remix) (Ballroom)
5. Lost In Nowhere – Kaiser Souzai (Ballroom)
6. Southern Edge II TBA – Kaiser Souzai (TBA)
7. Disorder – Dimi Mechero TBA (Ballroom)
8. Southern Edge III TBA – Kaiser Souzai (TBA)
9. Tokkata – Kaiser Souzai (TBA)
10. Plastic Dreams – Kaiser Souzai 2019 ReHab (Ballroom)

2nd hour Abstrakt (UK):

1. Suspect One – Dancing Til The Dawn (Robert Reuss Remix)
2. Gaga – Low Down (SUDO Remix)
3. Melissa Nikita, VTONE – Livello (Original Mix)
4. LAAT – State Of Play (Original Mix)
5. Uto Karen – Broken Sitar (Original Mix)
6. Egbert – Zaag (Original Mix)
7. Giovanni Carozza – Cometa (Original Mix)
8. Filterheadz – Voyager (Original Mix)
9. Analect – Knowledge (Original Mix)
10. Jan Fleck – Roosz (Original Mix)
11. Deas – No Signal (Original Mix)
12. Shlomi Aber – Redox (Original Mix)