AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 234 | Jorek

Artist: AlBird

Show: AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 234 | Jorek
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno, Deep-House,, Tech-House
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AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 234 | Jorek Tracklist

Ballroom Records Radioshow 234 with Jorek
Ballroom Records Radioshow #234

What’s new!
Heavy week of releases ahead of us here at Ballroom.

Darragh Casey with his Relplicant EP on our new Ballroom Purple Sublabel (pre-order now:

Tomas Otero with the Atomic EP on our Ballroom Black (pre-order:


Dok&Martin, FriGiD (CR) with the Traffic Jam EP including Stefano Kosa’s Remix on Ballroom Black (pre-order:

Also starting off this week’s episode is Purple Kaiser with Spreeside, out now on Bar 25 Music!


Takeover in the second hour comes from Cologne based artist Jorek. He already made himself a name with releases on labels like Gryphon, Jaw Dropping Records, Supdub, Not Equal, Amber and many more.

For more information regarding the show, visit you’ll find all the links to the streaming platforms as well as all the radiostations where we’re aired week-in and week-out.

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Tracklist 1st hour (AlBird)

01. Purple Kaiser – Spreeside (Original Mix) [Bar 25 Music]
02. Darragh Casey – Replicant (Original Mix) [Ballroom Purple]
03. Tomas Otero – Galaxy (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
04. Joe Fisher – Telurio (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
05. Tomas Otero – Transmission (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
06. Konsent & Tondera – Lost World (Jorek Remix) [Gryphon Recordings]
07. Tomas Otero – Atomic (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
08. Dok & Martin, FRiGiD (CR) – Traffic Jam (Original Mix) [Ballroom Black]
09. Patrick Milaa- RS01 (Original Mix)
10. Dok & Martin, FRiGiD (CR) – Ultra City (Original Mix) [Ballroom Black]
11. Nineteen Sines – Chemical (Original Mix) [Autektone Records]
12. RanchaTek, Dino Maggiorana – Toxic (Original Mix) [IAMT]
13. UMEK – Cacophonous (Original Mix) [1605]

Tracklist 2nd hour (Jorek):

1. Marcal – Places to avoid (Original Mix) – Reload Black Label
2. Jorek – Deepresson (Original Mix) – Not Equal Records
3. Sound & Temper – Shogun (Original Mix) – Reload Records
4. SAMA – Element (Original Mix) – Eclipse Records
5. Industrialyzer – Void (Original Mix) – Kompile Research
6. Diego Infanzon & El Bastardo – Failure (Original Mix) – Redrum Music
7. AKKi – Find Your Way (Original Mix) – Gryphon Recordings
8. Beswerda – Sisters Car (Original Mix) – WEITER
9. Cajmere – Perculator (Will Clarke Remix) – Relief
10. Spektre – Carnival of Souls (Original Mix) – Respekt Recordings
11. WLDERZ – Based (Original Mix) – Skryptöm
12. Konsent & Tondera – Lost World (Jorek Remix) – Gryphon Recordings
13. Thomas Hoffknecht – RTCH (Brian Sanhaji Remix) – District4
14. ROBPM – Seat Belt (Original Mix) – Autektone Records