AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 237 | Kaiser Souzai

Artist: AlBird

Show: AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 237 | Kaiser Souzai
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno, Deep-House,, Tech-House
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AlBird – Ballroom Records Radioshow 237 | Kaiser Souzai Tracklist

Ballroom Records Radioshow 237 with Kaiser Souzai
Ballroom Records Radioshow #237

New Episode of our weekly Ballroom Records Radioshow!

Two new “Gems’ VAs are out and about right now.

In last week’s episode I’ve played all the “Black Gems Volume One [Ballroom Black] tracks, which are our since this Monday on Beatport and Spotify, whereas this week I will play you all the tracks of the 6th edition of the “Secret Ballroom Gems on our motherlabel Ballroom Records.
Expect tracks by Banazonic, Modest Crow, Ramz Demar, Horisone, Fran Lezaun, Crazy Sonic and Ale F and Pasha Like.
Black Gems:
Secret Ballroom Gems:

Also two new remixes are out and about from Kaiser Souzai and AlBird.

Kaiser Souzai did one for KRBO on the track “The Oracle out now on Iconyc and
One from AlBird for Patrick Milaa of the track “Rocka out now on HEARec.


Takeover comes from our founder & head Kaiser Souzai with a one-hour cut from his set at Hammahalle, Sisyphos last weekend! Check out this one hour cut full of recent and upcoming unreleased Ballroom Records & Black music!

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Tracklist 1st hour (AlBird)

01. Banazonic – S.P.A.M. (Original Mix)
02. Modest Crow – Moro (Original Mix)
03. Ramz Demar – Technologics (Original Mix)
04. KRBO – The Oracle (Kaiser Souzai Remix)
05. Horisone – Hooker (Original Mix)
06. Maksim Dark, BOHO – Confuse (Original Mix) [Octopus Records]
07. Fran Lezaun – Creation (Original Mix)
08. Pasha Like – My Name is … (Original Mix)
09. Ale F & Crazy Sonic – Ass Kickin (Original Mix)
10. DJ Lion – Orgulous (Original Mix) [Harthouse]
11. Patrick Milaa – Rocka (AlBird Remix) [Happily Ever After Recordings]
12. Fabio Florido – Bound (Simina Grigoriu Remix) [Kuukou Records]

Tracklist 2nd hour (Kaiser Souzai live at Hammahalle/Sisyphos, Berlin):

1 Black Machine – Device (Ballroom Recoords)
2 Tomas Otero – Atomic (Original Mix) (Ballroom Records)
3 Pasha Like – My Name is … (Ballroom Black)
4 KRBO The Oracle (Kaiser Souzai Remix) (ICONYC)
5 Fran Lezaun – Creation (Original Mix (Ballroom Black
6 Banazonic – S.P.A.M. (Original Mix) (Ballroom Black)
7 Dok & Martin, FRiGiD – Traffic Jam (Original Mix) (Ballroom Black)
8 MESS_IAH – Tootski (Original Mix) (Ballroom Black)
9 Maharti – Maharti (Ballroom Black)
10 Maharti – Sleeping on Clouds (Ballroom Black)
11 Dok & Martin, FRiGiD (CR) – Ultra City (Ballroom Black)
12 Mac Vaughn – Chasing Rabbits (Kaiser Souzai Remix ) (Fierce Animals)
13 Karim Alkhayat, Danny Wabbit – Retaliate (Ballroom Black)
14 Zug Der Liebe – Kaiser Souzai (Neuhain)