Andre Crom – OFF Recordings Radio 27
Andre Crom - OFF Recordings Radio 27

Artist: Andre Crom
Show: Andre Crom – OFF Recordings Radio 27
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
Source: RSS

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Andre Crom – OFF Recordings Radio 27 Tracklist

OFF Recordings Radio 27 with Andre Crom
Welcome to episode 27 of OFF Recordings Radio.

This week we’ll listen to one hour of Andre Crom’s set from the 24th november at Glazart club Paris, where he played alongside fellow OFF Recordings artists Mediane.

France has been known as a hotspot for techno since a couple of years now, and this gig gave a good example of the deep passion of french people for banging techno.

Andre played a bit faster and harder than usual, the dancefloor went crazy and it was really lots of fun.

Andre also played the Alan Oldham Remix of his upcoming release on OFF Recordings, Tool #001; which you can listen to and buy here:



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