Christian Smith – Tronic Radio 451 | Ben Sims
Christian Smith - Tronic Radio 451 | Ben Sims
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Artist: Christian Smith
Show: Christian Smith – Tronic Radio 451 | Ben Sims
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
Source: RSS

The popularity of Christianʼs big-room, crossover sound with its melodic, euphoric highs and rhythmical funk energy is testament to the multi-genre draw of Christianʼs music. This breadth of appeal is evident in both the DJ support Christian receives and also in the gigs Christian plays. Tune in to Christian Smith – Tronic Radio 451 | Ben Sims now!

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Christian Smith – Tronic Radio 451 | Ben Sims Tracklist

01.JTC – Varastride [Spectral Sound]
02.Stefan Vincent – Nogeentool [Symbolism]
03.Secluded – BD.202 [Secluded]
04.Keith Carnal – Infringement [Gradient]
05.Kwartz – Balance Of Power [Warm Up]
06.Temudo and CRAVO – ESAD 07 [Hayes]
07.Vinicius Honorio – Le Boi [ARTS]
08.Mark Broom – Mapping [Rekids]
09.Szmer – S300 [(R)3volution]
10.Marcal – Cyclic Voltammetry [Rekids]
11.Vinicius Honorio – All Bark, No Bite [Symbolism]
12.Fear-E – Cancellation Station [Hypnotic Groove]
13.Oscar Mulero – Returning Wheel [V2) [Subsist]
14.SHDW & Obscure Shape – Verlorene Seelen (Ø [Phase] Version) [FAM]
15.Robert Armani & Dolby D – Orchestryy (Ritzi Lee Remix) [Dolma]
16.Marcal – Matsu [Rekids]
17.TWR72 – Summer Bod [The Archive]
18.A Thousand Details – Skulls and Gulls [Diffuse Reality]
19.James Ruskin – There Was A Time [EPM]
20.Border One – Diffuse [Invite’s Choice]
21.Szmer – Machine [Dynamic Reflection]
22.Tadeo – Running Circle (The Wheel) [Axis]
23.Jeroen Search – Bouncin’ Calluna [Search Collection]
24.Szmer – Dutch 101 (Oliver Rosemann 8 Steps Mix) [Prophet]
25.Arnaud Le Texier – Thanatos [Valphonie]
26.Szmer – PG9 [Out Of Place]
27.Makaton – Side 4 Point Suspension [Blueprint]
28.Kr!z – Bait [Unreleased]
29.Dold – There [Mind Trip]
30.Tensal – Aquelarre [Mord]
31.Aiken – Kognitive [Key Vinyl]
32.Arkan – Shifting [SK Eleven]
33.Oscar Mulero – Perlora [EVOD]
34.Museum – Plex. Indigo Aera *Sims JFF Edit
35.Dimi Angelis – Inquisitor [ANGLS]
36.G-Force vs D-Selector – Vigo [Zync]
37.Aiken – Stratum [Symbolism]
38.VIL – 97-1 [Hardgroove]
39.SP-X – Untitled [Unreleased]
40.Inox Traxx – Small Talk [Symbolism]
41.Robert Hood – Grey Type I [K7]
42.Electric Rescue – Gazoline (Ø [Phase] Rmx) [Obverse]
43.Ritzi Lee – Framework [Mord]

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