Club Mood Vibes Podcast 313: A Skitzo
Club Mood Vibes Podcast 313: A Skitzo
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Show: Club Mood Vibes Podcast 313: A Skitzo
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Genre: Techno
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A Skitzo comes with an unmatched, unidentified style and a mixture of house music. Watching A Skitzo performs, his passion is contagious and it makes for an exciting and unforgettable show.

A Skitzo is first and foremost music lover and his sincere adoration and appreciation come across in his creative sets. He has been passionately mixing and creating music since 2000, acquiring knowledge from a composer-father and a brother, DJ Psychowsky. That’s how he fell in love with the world of music. He recalls his beginnings playing and rewinding audio tapes, producing a sound that later he radically improved by playing records and musical instruments.

Back in 2003, A Skitzo hosted the Truespin Radio Show at a local radio station eFM, and from that point, he continued with projects such as Stylin’ Club Nights, Kontra Sessions, Sound Flaster.
There is no doubt A Skitzo left a huge influence on the local and regional scene. He has played at the most famous festivals, clubs and events, produced a number of remixes, and have done numerous collaborations.

He enjoys passing on his skills, knowledge, and experience in music and music production to the upcoming generation of DJs. Among many workshops, in Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia, A Skitzo hosted a Master Class together with Josh Wink, and many others at Exit Festival. He played at: Exit, Sonar, HideOut, and many other festivals…He played in Uk, Brasil, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, and many other countries.