Artist: Slope114
Show: Dance TV DJ Mix 611 – Slope114 (San Francisco, U.S.A.)
Genre: #House, #ProgressiveHouse, #TechHouse
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Dance TV DJ Mix 611 – Slope114 (San Francisco, U.S.A.) Tracklist

Dance TV is proud to present Dance TV DJ Mix #611 with the San Francisco based- Slope114. The powerhouse duo delivers a spectacular recording of Dmitri SFC mixing edits of some of our favourite house tracks with Elise Gargalikis live vocals on top! A tip for any house music lover out there! Press play!

Slope114, the dynamic Live House Music duo from San Francisco, California, comprises Elise Gargalikis and Dmitri SFC.

Elise’s journey led her to be recognized for her mesmerizing House Music performances at underground venues in the San Francisco Bay Area during the early 2000s. In 2013, she achieved a significant milestone by releasing her first self-written 12″ single, “Poseidon,” through Atjazz records.

Dmitri, on the other hand, made his mark in the DJing scene at San Francisco clubs long before he was legally old enough to enter them. Under the aliases “The Sexicanz” and “COA recordings,” he released notable records before eventually teaming up with Elise to form the powerhouse duo, Slope114. Some might even recognize him from his appearance in the film “Groove The Movie” by Sony Motion Pictures Classics.

Together based on the success of their demo videos Slope114 have run four successful crowd funding campaigns for 12″ vinyl releases. “Satya”, “Sweet Sue”, “Grow Your Mind” & “Slope114 LP”

In essence, Slope114 represents the culmination of talent, passion, and a genuine love for House Music, making them a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

01. Monty Luke – “Futura”(for the club)
{Elise sings “Energy”}

02. Roy Davis Jr. – “Feel Free”
{Elise Sings ” Keep Movin”}

03. Ingi Visions – “Visionair Wan”
{Elise Sings “Feel It”}

04. The Stoned – “In A Galaxy Far Away” (Slopedit)
{Elise sings “Walking In Space”

05. Roy Vision – “Inner Conflict” (Slopedit)
{Elise Sings “Some People”}

06. AtJazz – “Everyone & Everything” (Atjazz Astro Dub)
{Elise Sings “Feels Like Home”}

07. Martin-es – “Volando” (Disco Setup Remix)
{ Elise sing “Share My Soul”}

08. Last Nubian & Dougan – “Your Feelings”
{Elise Sings “Be Kind”}

09. Prince.L – “Tight Ashes”
{Elise Sings “Be Your Self”}

10. Souldynamic – You’ll Never (Instrumental)
{Elise Sings “All The Birds”}

11. Roy Davis Jr – “I Am”
{Elise Sings “Super Nova”}

12. Ben Hixon, JT Donaldson – “D.I.P.”
{Elise Sings “Truth is in love”}

13. Ron Trent – “Beyond” (Original mix)
{Elise Sings ” Menas Palabras”}

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