Deepicnic Podcast 437 – Morsil
Deepicnic Podcast 437 - Morsil

Artist: Morsil
Show: Deepicnic Podcast 437 – Morsil
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
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The guest in this episode is a Porto based artist, Morsil. She and techno are a case of overwhelming and unbridled passion. One of those types that happen at first glance, without context or explanation. A relationship as unlikely as late, since not even her first contact with music has made it predictable. Fan of metal and rock, influenced by friends, and later hardcore and drum n’ bass, it is through these styles that she has first entered the world of electronic music.

Born in the 90s, in Porto, she is part of a generation that embraced first hand the growth of the techno scene in Portugal. As she reached the age to go clubbing, clubs like Gare, Industria and Lux increased their offer and turned this country into a desirable destination for the best Techno artists in the world. Names like Oscar Mulero and Regis are the example for many and Morsil is no exception. However, all this would not be enough to make her what she is today. The absorption of various styles and musical trends, the generational influence are clearly key factors. But the rest comes from her own innate abilities: complete control of space and time as soon as she takes her role in the booth, unpredictability combined with an intrinsic ability to go beyond borders, not imposing limits on her eclecticism, and at the same time always keeping her musical line: music with texture, hypnotic obscurity, heavy, hard and mechanical movements, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but always with the ability to transport. Playing with light and different atmospheres and converging it on a main goal, which is to make the listeners dance. Preferably with eyes closed, embracing the darkness of the trip.

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