Don Diablo – Hexagon Radio 413 (Yearmix 2022)
Don Diablo - Hexagon Radio 413 (Yearmix 2022)
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Artist: Don Diablo
Show: Hexagon Radio 413 (Yearmix 2022)
Genre: #House, #Electro
Source: RSS

Join Don Diablo and his little electronic buddy Hex for a weekly journey in to the unknown.. Playing an eclectic selection of music from the best new house to the whole spectrum of electronica, Hexagon Radio is a 60min sonic adventure full of exclusive ReHex tracks, Flashback classics and a showcase for new talent in #DemoDay. Tune in to Hexagon Radio 413 now!

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Hexagon Radio 413 (Yearmix 2022) Tracklist

This week’s special festive show is our Generation Hex year mix. The sound of the future!

Tollef – I Remember (Extended Mix)
East Dawn – We Are Young (Extended Mix)
FROZT – Never Before (Extended Mix)
Gregor Potter x Linka x EWAVE – Too High (Extended Mix)
Nois3, Eric Spike – Ask Yourself (Extended Mix)
PØP CULTUR – Sunshine (Extended Mix)
Andrea Marino & Stereoliez – Hotel Marriott (Extended Mix)
Victor Tellagio – 54 ( You give me Sunshine) (Extended Mix)
Dynamick, Gaddi – Sunshine (Extended Mix)
Adrian Mønteiro – Try (Extended Mix)
Axline – Icicle (Extended Mix)
BoonT – Church Groove (Extended Mix)
Alex Martin & Danth – On The Dancefloor (Extended Mix)
Gorbunoff – My name is Techno (Extended Mix)
Eastway, Kapuzen – Take Me On feat. Lil dessy (Extended Mix)
Buzz Low & NENE – The Rhythm (Extended Mix)
Stin Corner & Lukas Vane – Get Funky (Extended Mix)
AMNES – Narcisse (Extended Mix)
Avigate – Don`t Stop The Music (Extended Mix)
Hugo Doche – Less Friction (Extended Mix)
Lennard Ellis – Push Buttons (Extended Mix)
Ely Oaks & Eric Spike – Crossroads (Extended Mix)
ToMix – Your Love (Extended Mix)
Siks & HDN – Feel It (Extended Mix)
G-POL & 3Q – MADE 4 Luv (Extended Mix)
Mosimann – NRV (Original Mix)
SUBB x Nukey – Two Timmer (Extended Mix)
Krister x Melyjones – Universe (Extended Mix)
Loopgeek – Eyes Wide Shut (Extended Mix)
Max Kilian – Time Out (Extended Mix)
Teknicolor – New Shit (Extended Mix)
Promise Land x Kiano – Move For Me (Extended Mix)
SUBSHIFT x Hooders – Furious! (Extended Mix)
NOME. – Feel it (Extended Mix)
Sam Shelby – Flex (Extended Mix)
Propane – I Lay (Original Mix)
NO SIGNE x Maroox – Another Level (Extended Mix)
Ado Woodz – Dark Space (Extended Mix)
Filex – Andor (Extended Mix)
Invisible, CASSIE – All Night (Extended Mix)
Going Deeper & RITN – On My Level (Extended Mix)
Chester Young x Jasted – Break the Rules (Extended Mix)
Crossthy – WSGD? (Extended Mix)
Andrea Lombardi, Achilles – Can’t Beat Me (Extended Mix)
Jennifer Cooke x 3NRGY – Homeless (Wux x PUHSKA Remix)(Extended Mix)
Alvin & S7AR – Give In (Extended Mix)
Ali Salahov – Rhythm of the Night (Extended Mix)
NORSHEEP – Be The One (Extended Mix)
AKA AKA & Lackmus – Bounce (Extended Mix)
Hooders – Move Like (Extended Mix)
ALIII – Keep Ur Secrets (Extended Mix)
Disco Fries & Triple M – My Thing (Extended Mix)
Dashi – Here For You (Extended Mix)
jeonghyeon & EXYT – ALIEN (Extended Version)
Axel Boy – New Transition (Extended DnB Mix)
Kohen, Clubbers – Don’t Worry (Extended Mix)
Jake & Alvar – Stay (Extended Mix)
Hreez – My Body (Extended Mix)
Maroox – Easy (Extended Mix)
Wouji – Step (Extended Mix)
BCMP x MEMBR – Roll The Dice (Extended Mix)
Kodat – I Think I Love U (Extended Mix)
Maxomar – Let You Go (Extended Mix)
Bufalo & Krooner – To Give Is To Live ft. STOLT (Extended Mix)
Sam Koxx – Socle (Extended Mix)

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