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Show: FACETS Podcast 066 – WAYNETTE
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Genre: Techno
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Waynette Posch has been creating music since 2006. It started when she skipped school the day she got Reason for her computer. Since that fateful day, her work has been defined by a tremendous sense of wonder and freedom. Originally from the city of Heidelberg, she came to Berlin in 2011 to study fashion. Waynette discovered the DJ circuit during her time at school and began to play records on the side. Picking up traction on the club scene, her musical style and record collection was developing rapidly. It didn’t take long for her unique approach on techno to come to fruition. She soon found herself completely immersed in her music. From her super raw music productions to her sharp eye for fashion, Waynette is a unique character in the techno world. Upon first interaction, she is a wonderful spirit, soft spoken with a thoughtful charm. Once in her element, she is a powerful creative force, who sees no boundaries in her art – truly a multidimensional artist.



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