Future Disco Radio 071 – Dave Lee Guest Mix

Future Disco Radio 071 - Dave Lee Guest Mix
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Artist: Carly Foxx
Show: Future Disco Radio 071 – Dave Lee Guest Mix
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Disco
Source: Youtube

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Future Disco Radio 071 – Dave Lee Guest Mix Tracklist

This week we welcome one of dance music’s most notorious and longstanding figures, Dave Lee, who under a plethora of different monikers has released iconic discofied edits for almost three decades.

A pioneer from the very beginning of his career in 1988, Dave Lee was one of the first to sample disco within house music, paving the way for his peers. He has produced and remixed for some of the world’s greatest stars including Bob Marley, Diana Ross, Grace Jones, Lionel Ritchie, and Mariah Carey.

Continuing to release incredible music and seamless mixes, Dave Lee is one of few artists to keep disco’s dazzling spirit alive.

Always looking forward but never forgetting the past we bring you the best in contemporary house and disco. This is Future Disco.

Mix 1

01) Hustlers Convention   –  Final (Dr Packer Remix)

02) Funkatarium   –  Jump (Pete Herbert Remix)

03) Mark Brickman feat Venessa Jackson  –  Dancer

04) The Mayans   –  Make You Move

Guest Mix:  Dave Lee

1)      Str4ta  –  After the rain (Dave Lee Alternate 2 Club Mix)

2)      Boz Scaggz  –  Lowdown (JN Philly Lowdown)

3)      Unlimited Touch  –  In The Middle

4)      Foreal People  –  Play 2 Win

5)      Glenn Jones  –  I Am Somebody (JN Finessed Mix)

6)      AC Soul Symphony  –  Manhattan Skyline

Mix 2

05) Junior Sanchez  –  Melbourne (Original Mix)

06) T.U.R.F.  –  Real Heads Know The Deal

07) Adelphi Music Factory  –  People Everywhere (Can You Feel It?) (Original Mix)

Future Classic

08) Maxi Meraki   –  To The Top

Future Sound

09) Tom Jarmey  –  Slow Rotations (1 – 800 GIRLS REMIX)