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JAMIIE - Redolence Radio 104
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Artist: JAMIIE
Show: JAMIIE – Redolence Radio 104
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JAMIIE – Redolence Radio 104 Tracklist

Enjoy this week’s episode of Redolence Radio hosted by talanted Berlin based German/Nigerian DJ & producer JAMIIE. JAMIIE’s musical taste and choice of sound is influenced by her African roots, closely intertwined with her early experiences with Techno and electronic music when she discovered “The Steve Mason Experience” on BFBS radio, she sees herself as a selector who loves to bring music to the people, using it as a cross-cultural language.

Her sophisticated and beautifully crafted DJ sets are defined by vast electronic sounds. The emotionally charged atmosphere, alternating deep, melodic and synthesizer-kissed components are in a constant synergy with uplifting and tribal elements colored by a rhythmic, percussive and spiritual energy. When playing, her infectious smile, cheerfulness and inexhaustible presence behind the decks electrifies the crowd in no time, enflaming dance floors worldwide.

The groove and power of her eclectic sets, her Watergate residency and part in the RISE collective made her an internationally demanded artist, having her played on renowned festivals and clubs across Europe, Africa, South America and the Ukraine. JAMIIE continues her musical journey as she embarks into the orb of production with first releases on Watergate Records, Studio Kreuzberg, Cacao Records, Harabe Recordings or Monaberry.

Enjoy this Deep Afro Melodic Journey with JAMIIE!

01. Dr Feel – Khufu
03. Clemente – Romeo
04. Makombay – Amanu Boy
05. Definition – Pretend To Fly
06. Blanka Mazimela – Normli
07. Archy- African Hypnose
08. Whitesquare – Stina
09. Rafael Drager & Sebastian Rivero – Even If We Fight
10. Sebjak & Fahlberg – Mariposa
11. Joplyn – TIME WILL TELL (Bebetta Remix)
12. Subjaxx, Kusini – Emakhay

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