John 00 Fleming – JOOF Sessions 007
John 00 Fleming - JOOF Sessions 007

Artist: John ’00’ Fleming
Show: John 00 Fleming – JOOF Sessions 007
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Trance
Source: RSS

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John 00 Fleming – JOOF Sessions 007 Tracklist

JOOF Sessions 007. Euphoria White Label – Level 2 remake.

It’s frightening to think we’re now into the seventh week of this world situation, at the very start of my new venture into streaming I made some technical errors meaning that the first JOOF Sessions was broadcast in mono and why it was never saved. This triggered a memory of my mix compilation Euphoria White Label – Level 2 released in 2003, the mastering engineer made a huge mistake and CD1 and the final press was in mono and not realised until it was released. The label went bankrupt years ago, so impossible to get any repressed and its something that’s stayed with me all these years.

17 years later I want to bring this back to life in stereo as it was always intended. Thought I could mix the album again in my studio and post on socials, I thought it would be more fun that we do this live together so that we can all witness the rebirth of this iconic album. This time around however, it won’t be two separate mixes CD1 & 2, for the first time I’ll mix it all together as one seamless mix.

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