Miss Kittin’s First/Last Party on Earth

Miss Kittin's First/Last Party on Earth
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Artist: Tiga
Show: Miss Kittin’s First/Last Party on Earth
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: House, Tech House, Techno
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Miss Kittin’s First/Last Party on Earth Tracklist

Around 2000 something big happened in electronic music: a group of new artists, a bunch of misfits from all over the world mixed a little bit of techno, a little bit of the 80s, some new romantic vibes, and a bit of punk attitude, and seemingly almost by accident all came together in what at the time was called “Electro”. I was lucky enough to have been part of that movement with my track Sunglasses At Night, but to me the artists that really always nailed it, the ones that stood out as being very special were Miss Kittin and The Hacker. And today I’m very lucky to talk to Miss Kittin.


We had an amazing conversation, we talked about her entire career, including 20+ years as a global DJ, the electro years and everything else that came afterwards, she continued to make amazing records with The Martinez Brothers, Michael Myer, DJ Anna and more, and we touched upon a lot of interesting material, including the making of a song like Frank Sinatra, which for me is one of the best ever. We talked about Aphex Twin (as usual), Jeff Mills, Marcel Dettman, and about maintaining purity and artistic integrity, about the intention behind music, and the Gigollo records era. What I found was a very thoughtful, creative and sensitive artist that had done a lot of work, thinking it through on their own and more than anything had just made incredible original music, so I hope you enjoy this, I really loved it, meant a lot to me. This is Last Party on Earth with Miss Kittin: a true original.