Monstercat Call of the Wild 426
Monstercat Call of the Wild 426
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Show: Monstercat Call of the Wild 426
Genre: #House, #Dubstep
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Monstercat Call of the Wild 426

An unbound exploration of sound with the latest electronic music. Join thousands of people across the globe who are ready to break free from anything ordinary. Featuring unreleased previews, artist takeovers, and an immersive community. Whether partying, studying, or dreaming of the next big thing, these are the songs that define your journey into the wild. Listen or download Call of the Wild 426 now!

00:45 Tokyo Machine – GALACTICAL [Uncaged Spotlight]

05:07 Lil Hank – Life of Dog

07:49 TYNAN, Cyclops & Guilt Chip – 505

10:31 Bishu – We Made It [Instinct Spotlight]

12:49 Rootkit – Good 2 Go (ft. Tylor Maurer)

16:08 Protostar – Without You (ft. Megan Lenius) [Community Pick]

19:27 Xilent – Human Error

22:58 Slippy – Limitless [Monstercat Exclusive]

26:54 Pixel Terror – Origins (ft. EMELINE)

29:41 Rogue – Through The Dark

32:57 Nigel Good – No Way Back Up (ft. Illuminor)

39:32 OCULA & Julia Church – On The Run [Silk Spotlight]

44:19 Yula – Nobody Knows [Monstercat Exclusive]

45:43 Slushii & Dion Timmer – Test Me

48:30 Nitro Fun – Addicted (ft. Bruses)

52:01 Whales – Addicted [Gold Feature]

54:46 Modestep & Dion Timmer – Going Nowhere

57:33 Nytrix – To Another World [Monstercat Exclusive]


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