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Show: Monstercat Call of the Wild 463
Genre: #House, #Dubstep
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Monstercat Call of the Wild 463 Tracklist

An unbound exploration of sound with the latest electronic music. Join thousands of people across the globe who are ready to break free from anything ordinary. Featuring unreleased previews, artist takeovers, and an immersive community. Whether partying, studying, or dreaming of the next big thing, these are the songs that define your journey into the wild. Listen or download Call of the Wild 463 now!

00:45 Bossfight & F.O.O.L – Mercy

04:14 IVORY – Sea Turtles [Uncaged Spotlight]

07:41 CloudNone & Micah Martin – Lifted Me Up [Instinct Spotlight]

10:53 Stonebank & EMEL – Rescue Me

14:34 Topi & hayve – Full Speed [Monstercat Exclusive]

17:21 WHIPPED CREAM – Rewind.. (But I Love You) (GRAVEDGR Remix)

20:07 Ray Volpe – EAT SLEEP RAGE

23:04 Dirtyphonics & Bossfight – Revenge

25:40 Slippy – Be Alright

28:21 SIPPY – Get Wompy

30:17 Godlands – Crashing

33:53 Grabbitz – Let It Bloom [Monstercat Exclusive]

37:17 Protostar – Without You (ft. Megan Lenius) [Community Pick]

40:35 Stonebank – Who’s Got Your Love

43:58 Koven – Give You Up (Franky Nuts Remix)

47:35 BIJOU & Honey & Badger – Daybreak [Monstercat Exclusive]

51:38 Punctual – Maze (ft. PHIA)

55:56 zensei ゼンセー & Mr. Hilroy – begin again

59:02 Øneheart & Kazukii – restless [Silk Spotlight]

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