Reid Speed – NO SPEED LIMIT 002

Download Reid Speed - NO SPEED LIMIT 002 now in high MP3 format
Reid Speed - NO SPEED LIMIT 002
Download Reid Speed - NO SPEED LIMIT 002 now in high MP3 format

Artist: Reid Speed
Show: Reid Speed – NO SPEED LIMIT 002
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Drum & Bass
Source: RSS

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Reid Speed – NO SPEED LIMIT 002 Tracklist

The art of DJing is a very special one, and an art rapidly being lost in this disposable world meant for immediate consumption. I’ve always treated DJing as sonic storytelling, a way to communicate things we cannot say but all feel. The appeal of a rave for me is the communion that takes place between DJ and ravers, a synergistic feedback loop that sends an elevated, excited signal and receives structured yet free movement in response. Without one there is no other, a yin requires it’s yang.
But for nearly a year now we have been missing this communion, and desperately missing the stories of our co-creation. And so I was inspired to create a dance floor story, reminiscent of times we’ve gathered with reckless abandon to spin ourselves joyful, with a wink and a nod to the nostalgia for the raving of my youth. I hope you all can hear the story and feel inspired to move with joy, and experience a moment of self indulgent bliss…

Also, massive shout outs to all the artists featured on this mix, I tagged nearly all of you because you’re all amazing and I appreciate your music!

1. @destroyers, @Guau – UFO [83]
2. @arnoldandlane – Wonder Drug (@notthefathermusic Remix) [Tons & Tons]
3. @leftrightmusic & @aylen – Beg [Punks]
4. @obscene-frequenzy – Rolling (2018 Mix) [Punks]
5. Guau – No More Acid [83]
6. @dbcooper-1 – Pop Yo [Breaks Yo]
7. @stantonwarriors , @taiki-nulight-uk , Danny Dearden – What You Got Now [Punks]
8. @alienravebeats- Love [83]
9. @digital-base, Andy Vibes – Rave In The House [Distorsion]
10. @renelavicee & Stanton Warriors – Jump ft. Kyntro & Deadly [DeVice]
11. @Heavyfeet, Kovas – We Came To Party ( @djdeekline & Product.01 Remix [Stamp!]
12. @lennykiser – Blip Bloop ( @keithmackenzie Edit)
13. @thedarrowchemsyndicate- Get Loose (Philly Blunt Remix) [Nipponeer]
14. @destroyers , @tumare-music- Lose Control [83]
15. @djondamike – Molly [Ravesta]
16. @enjoyryde – BROOKLYN [Hard]
17. @eliminatemusic – Weeble Wobble [Disciple]
18. @habstrakt – Show Me (VIP) [Insomniac]
19. @biscits- Let Me Show You [Black Book]
20. @maalamusic & @justkoos – Hell [Confession]
21. @mortenofficial – Adumu [Warner Denmark]
22. @rach_ep – Blend [SpaceYacht]
23. @skrillex , @boysnoize & Ty Dolla $ign – Midnight Hour (@four-tet Remix) [OWSLA]
24. @dj-tonyh – Drippin’ Sweat [Groovy Bone]
25. @swacq – Mindf*ck [Confession]
26. JOYRIDE – GOT REAL ft. Mika Means [Hard]
27. @noizusound – Jungle (Keith MacKenzie Flip]
28. @dj-magic-mike , Ondamike – Call Me [Ravesta]
29. @bbjuelz – Money To The Sky [Fool’s Gold]
30. @dukeandjones – Sticks feat. Don Cotti [Circus]
31. @rlgrime & @whethan – Outta Here [Sable Valley]


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