Noisia – Noisia Radio S06E43
Noisia - Noisia Radio S06E43
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Artist: Noisia
Show: Noisia – Noisia Radio S06E43 (Outer Edges ∴ Live)
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Drum ‘n Bass
Source: RSS

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Noisia – Noisia Radio S06E43 (Outer Edges ∴ Live) Tracklist

With Noisia Radio we hope to build a platform where we can play a wider range of music than we would in a club environment. It allows us to give some insights on the music we’re feeling and releasing, as well as keeping our fans up to date more frequently and in a more accessible way than just by playing a show near you once a year or via the occasional video or message on social media.

Noisia Radio This week. With no festivals happening, we decided to release a live version of our ‘Outer Edges’ AV show. During this episode we’ll be taking you through the process of creating the actual show.