Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 346 (Sept 26, 2019) [All Instrumental]

Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 346 (Sept 26, 2019) [All Instrumental]
Uplifting Only

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Artist: Ori Uplift
Show: Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 346 (Sept 26, 2019) [All Instrumental]
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Trance
Source: RSS

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Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 346 (Sept 26, 2019) [All Instrumental] Tracklist

All versions (with talking and without talking, mp3 and wav) available at www.upliftingonly.com, which includes timed tracklists. This is the official version (with talking).

This is an all-instrumental episode, and we have 6 exclusive world premieres!

And remember, the Uplifting Only Top 15 – September 2019 compilation is now out at all stores and you can grab your copy at https://abora.lnk.to/uomc1909.

1. Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Last Goodbye [Defcon]
3. Neroun – Hurricane [Redux Magic]
4. Luca de Maas – Seven Seas [Vectiva]
5. Manuel Le Saux – Cannon Cove [Extrema]
6. David Surok – Memories of Spring (Alternate High Remix) [VERSE]
7. Kayan Code – Synesthetic [Abora]
8. Specific Slice – Inception [Abora]
9. Sandro Mireno & Alaera – Awakening (Dub Mix) [Abora Ascend]
10. Eric Senn – Light Inside Us [Suanda True]
11. Ilya Fly – Tender Evening [Omniset]
12. Tau-Rine – Balearic Tales [Taurine]
13. Derek Palmer – Gemini [Emergent Skies]
14. Derek Palmer – Eros [Emergent Skies]
15. Dan Schneider – Further Than Universe (Syntouch Remix) [Butterfly]
16. BREAKDOWN OF THE WEEK: DreamLife vs Coke Montilla & Craig Mortimer – Life Above Our World [Abora Skies] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
17. Victor Special – Hypnotic Heaven (Calvin O’Commor Remix) [Ultima Audio]
18. Alternate High & Se.Ra.Phic – Eterna [State Control]
19. James Kitcher & Adam Taylor – Faith Eternal [Extrema]
20. Averagaint – After You [TAR#138]
21. Serjoe vs Gemix – Fusion [Edge One] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
22. Swen van der Endt – Exile [Vibrate Audio] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
23. Sonic Element & Dreamy – Momentum [Always Alive]
24. Andy Kern – Wanderlust [Levitated] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
25. Loobosh & Laucco – Albatross [Beyond the Stars] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
26. FAN FAVORITE 342 & SYMPHONIC SEND-OFF: SoundLift – Wonderful Feeling (George Crossfield & NrgMind Orchestral Mix) [Natura]

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