Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul – Psy-Nation Radio 061 (Astral Projection Mix)
Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul - Psy-Nation Radio 061 (Astral Projection Mix)
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Artist: Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul
Show: Psy-Nation Radio 061 (Astral Projection Mix)
Genre: #Trance
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Psy-Nation Radio 061 (Astral Projection Mix) Tracklist

The 61st edition of the Psy-Nation Radio podcast hosted by Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul (Liquid Ace) is here! Bringing to you the freshest music, news and interviews from Psytrance culture.
First episode of 2023 featuring a mix from Goa & Psytrance pioneers Astral Projection ! We always love to hear your thoughts – feel free to send suggestions, feedback and requests to:
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out! #WeArePsyNation

1. Gorovich – In Phase (Iboga Records)
2. Egorythmia – Doom (Morion Records)
3. Arhetip – Eunoia (Techsafari Records)
4. Mercuroid – Ogin (Expo Records)
5. Interium – Aeon (Techsafari Records)
6. Out of Range – Suffering with God (Digital Om)
7. Burn In Noise & Ajja – Image of Yourself / Noface Remix (Sacred Technology)
8. Spirit Architect – Freedom (Dacru Records)
9. Illumination & Skizologic – Hello Jello (Nano Records)
10. Volcano on Mars – Connected (Sacred Technology)
11. Sub6 – Alte Zachen (Hommega Productions)

Astral Projection Guest Mix Tracklist:
1. Tropical Bleyage – Bleyology [Astral Projection Remix]
2. Astral Projection – Let There Be Light [Atomic Pulse Remix]
3. Astral Projection & Oforia – The Highest Mountain
4. Astral Projection – People Can Fly [Outsiders Remix]
5. Astral Projection – Mahadeva [Faders Remix]
6. Vini Vici – Trust In Trance [Astral Projection Remix]
7. SFX – Y-Salem [Astral Projection Remix]
8. Blue Planet Corporation – Midian [Astral Projection Remix]
9. Astral Projection – Into The Void

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