Redroom Sessions 227 – Souldynamic

Download Redroom Sessions 227 - Souldynamic now in high MP3 format
Redroom Sessions 227 - Souldynamic
Download Redroom Sessions 227 - Souldynamic now in high MP3 format

Show: Redroom Sessions 227 – Souldynamic
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: House
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Inspired by the deep passion for true underground music Luca and Stefano met in a records shop in the early 2000s to dj and produce. After a few years working behind the scenes studying music and listening to their inspirational artists, in 2007 they founded their own project Souldynamic, the fusion of the true love for soul music and the dynamic sound of the the underground beats of our days. In the latest years they worked for and remixed, Louie Vega, Melba Moore, Dennis Ferrer, Josh Milan and plenty others.

Since then they have travelled all over Europe and part of the world, leaving their small home town in the heart of Italy to collaborate with some of the most influential heads in the house music scene, sharing the dj booth with some of the coolest artists in the House Music scene.

Luca & Stefano have held residency at Southport Weekender’s open air festival SuncéBeat in Croatia since 2010 which then cemented their place at Southport Weekender itself playing at the lastest events. Due to the high demand for their music they embarked on a magical United Kingdom journey playing regularly in one of the most influential cities on the underground music scene, London!

In their early careers they also appeared as guest djs in some of the finest clubs in Europe such as Basic (Naples), Sound Department (Taranto IT), Room 26 (Rome), EGG (London), Kee Club (Hong Kong), Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos), Drop (Hong Kong), Ce la Vi (Singapore), Urban Klub (Italy), Supperclub (Amsterdam), Duel:Beat (Naples), Bault (Amsterdam), Warehouse (Birmingham) just to name a few.

Souldynamic’s single “Equatoriale” have had a great response in clubland after being played by the Legendary Chicago based dj Lil Louis at “Concrete” in Paris, subsequently a video was posted which has received over 2.5 millions views online, track is released on Tribe Records (UK) and reached the #1 in the download chart.

The Italian guys performed for Boiler Room in Naples in July 2016 and to enter in their new decade of career the dynamic duo launched their own records label Excedo.

Driven by a true and deep passion for real underground music they will keep working hard trying to realise their own dreams and spread their love for music all over the globe.

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