Somebodies.Child Podcast 117 – FUCHSEN
Somebodies.Child Podcast 117 - FUCHSEN
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Show: Somebodies.Child Podcast 117 – FUCHSEN
Genre: #TechHouse, #Techno
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Somebodies.Child Podcast 117 – FUCHSEN Tracklist

“Like a movie or a good book, music can tell a story and hook you up on an immersive journey.” Born and based in Berlin, Franz aka FUCHSEN grew up – Techno and is a huge film nerd. Combining these two passions, his taste in music is heavily inspired by movie soundtracks and each of his sets tells a story about adventure, conflict, drama and hope. Because no matter if it’s a movie or a techno set: Dramaturgy is everything! From heartbreaking melodies to dark drama accompanied by cinematic sounds and driving techno drums. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the Sci-Fi space ride! FUCHSEN is cofounder and part of the collective „FONETIKA“. Pretty fresh in the Berlin community but already infamous for impressive underground raves.

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