Spectral Rebel Podcast 150: Toni Alvarez

Spectral Rebel Podcast 150: Toni Alvarez
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Show: Spectral Rebel Podcast 150: Toni Alvarez
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
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Spectral Rebel Podcast 150: Toni Alvarez Tracklist

Toni Alvarez is a Dj and producer who began his musical career with only 5 years, studying music theory, guitar and piano. After learning about electronics in 2003, has travelled with his suitcases on Spain, and the neighbouring countries. He has performed at major festivals in the region, such as the Technological, attended several of their editions, and is currently playing at some of the biggest clubs in Spanish, certainly making his mark after each performance.

At the beginning was a resident of legendary club Spigon and in Opera in Mos and in Breogain, the most legendary techno clubs that took place in Vigo.

His style is a tribal techno with a touch of groovy and funky, influenced by artists like Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Technasia, Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, develops a technique at its thrilling and amazing musical versatility, with cuts, tricks of Equalization, and efx’s scratches, on his energetic 3 turntables decks Sets.

Right now , he is focus on is music productions, which produces for labels such as Kalamazoo,GT Muzike that he owns, Evolution, Invaders ,Patterns, Monkey Records… and he is also responsible for programming of Technoexperience events, promoting techno-centered event in the Iberian peninsula.

Enjoy his podcast for our series.

1 UNknow – Insolent
2 Onryo (Original Mix) Introversion
3 Controlled Cycle (Original Mix) Unknown Artist
4 Montage (Original Mix) Ken Ishii
5 The Grinder (Original Mix) Planetary Assault Systems Ben Sims pres. Tribology
6 Accusol – Toni Alvarez
7 Raw Trax 5 (Original Mix) Surgeon
8 Scheme (Original Mix) Roll Dann
9 Escape (Industrialyzer Remix I) Ken Ishii
10 Murder Was The Bass (Slam Re Edit)
11 Recreate (Slam Rework)
12 Fase 1 – Toni Alvarez
13 Raw Trax 2 (Original Mix) Surgeon
14 Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Perc VIP Mix)
15 Acid Substance – Toni Alvarez
16 Feel Free – Toni Alvarez
17 Raw Trax 10 (Original Mix) Surgeon
18 Hidden Power (Original Mix) Farrago
19 Tone (Original Mix) Emmanuel Top
20 Neurotransmitter (Mike Parker Remix)
21 Energetix (Original Mix) Sterac
22 Sine & Saw (Original Mix) Emmanuel Top

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