The Bunker Podcast 202 – Leisure Muffin
The Bunker Podcast 202 - Leisure Muffin
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Show: The Bunker Podcast 202 – Leisure Muffin
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
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The Bunker Podcast 202 – Leisure Muffin Tracklist

This edition of The Bunker Podcast comes from our label artist @leisuremuffin, who has been holding things down in New Orleans for a few years now. It’s essentially an all improvised live set!

Check his release for our label, the very first thing he put out:

artist statement:
“Performed live for the Mystery Zone party at Poor Boys in NOLA. The first 42 minutes of this are completely improvised live, meaning that there were no stored sequences or pre-recorded audio. Just a small 6u eurorack modular, a DSI Tempest with a couple kits to choose from, and an iPad to handle sync, simple looping, and mixing. I’ve been playing all of my free form sets like this (minus the Tempest) for a while now, but I hadn’t played for an actual dance floor in probably more than a year. I had just flown back from New York where I played one of those free sets at Wonderville in Brooklyn (go check it out on my bandcamp!), and had about 3 days to get this together. I had cheerfully assumed that I could just toss the Tempest in there, crank it up, and practice for a few days, but that wasn’t the case. It took me the whole 3 days to sort out how to technically integrate the Tempest into the iPad setup so I got maybe an hour of practice with everything working on the day of the event. I showed up at the event more nervous than I’ve ever been at a gig, but somehow managed to reasonably pull it off. I did eventually chicken out and play some sequences I had in the Tempest from ages ago. Those start at around the 42 min mark.”