The Bunker Podcast 216 – Amourette
The Bunker Podcast 216 - Amourette

Show: The Bunker Podcast 216 – Amourette
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
Source: RSS

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The Bunker Podcast 216 – Amourette Tracklist

This week’s edition of The Bunker Podcast comes from @amourette, who is the resident DJ and co-producer of one of NYC’s best and most interesting parties, Weird Science. you can check out their amazing archive of recordings here.

For this mix, Ania did something different. here is her artist’s statement:

“”Hi there, Maybe I am not so well known for “going hard”, since for the last two years I’ve been concentrating, along with my co-conspirators, to play and curate non-standard club energy, at our Weird Science parties. Buuuuut I also always collect dark electro and distorted techno, and have been itching to put these tracks into a high energy set. Here it is! Mostly vinyl, recorded in one take on March 30, 2020. Think of it as a tool for releasing pent up energy, perhaps good for solo raving, HIIT workouts, hardcore bread-making, or whatever floats your fucken boat. Wishing you well, and thank you for listening. Love, Ania “


Borusiade – Wasteland – Pinkman

Master of Illusions – I – Brew

M.S.L. – Stormtech – Djak Up Bitch / Clone

Albert Van Abbe – NCS_0009121010 (Heinrich Mueller Remodel) – No Comment

Varum – System Restore – Pulse Drift Recordings

Pyramid of Knowledge – The Elevation – Hard Beach Entertainment

Franck Sarrio – Biosphere – Secret Industry

Westlake & Hayer – Chain – Ratlife Records

Alex Seidel – Russian Avant-Garde – Schwarz 12

Bass Junkie vs The Dexorcist – Fear Teacher – Battle Trax

D’Marc Cantu – Body Jak – Run Out Run

Anastasia Kristensen – Donni – Arcola

Peder Mannerfelt – Clear Eyes, Full Heart – Hinge Finger

L.F.T. – Wounds – Zement

Jungian Archetype – Vaporsky Prospect – Viewlexx

Dez Williams – Swollen – Bedouin

Jadzia – Saatana Perkele – FTP