The Bunker Podcast 217 – Ken Meier
The Bunker Podcast 217 - Ken Meier
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Show: The Bunker Podcast 217 – Ken Meier
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
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The Bunker Podcast 217 – Ken Meier Tracklist

artist statement: “Music has maybe been the only enjoyable escape for me during the pandemic, and my relationship to it has taken on a new shape given that I only listen at home alone, mainly on headphones, and at odd hours. I’ve used Ableton to DJ for over a decade now, and this mix is no exception—though I wanted to do something different here, given these new listening patterns. So this is more of a ‘mega mix’ style studio session, with lots of layering, edits, and quick transitions. A bit phrenetic, but the intention was to reflect some of the unease and uncertainty of the moment, while revisiting tracks I played at my last two in-person gigs in New York alongside many favorites from my years growing up in Chicago.”

Ø Kolmas (Sahko, 2006)

MOTORBASS Home (Motorbass, 1993)

STL That Mnml Track (Perlon, 2006)

SZARE Radio Silence In Buenos Aires Did Not Allay Fears Of A Cover Up (Frozen Border, 2014)

PAMETEX Laque (Frustrated Funk, 2015)

STUDIO 1 Gelb 3 (Studio 1, 1996)

MOOD II SWING The Slippery Track (Stickman, 2000)

ESPRESSO Ping Pong (Maxi, 1990)

BIRDS Jennifer Has Several Wigs for Her Pussy (PAL SL, 1998)

ALPHA 606 Guajiro (Alternate Jam) (Interdimensional Transmissions, 2016)

SOLVENT Quantimations (Bronze Teeth Remix) (Suction, 2014)

KOTAI & MO Bu (Elektro Music Dept, 1999)

TWO LONE SWORDSMEN Sticky (Warp, 1998)

DREXCIYA Dr Blowfins Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres (Tresor, 2002)

KOTAI & MO Time Doubler (Elektro Music Dept, 1997)

KERO & KYLE HALL 126 bpm (Detroit Underground, 2015)

TWO SANDWICHES SHORT OF A LUNCHBOX Too Good To Be Strange (Apollo, 1997)

PRIMITIVE URGES Lapis Lazuli (Primitive, 1997)

SLAM White Shadows (Soma, 1996)

69 Poi Beats (Planet E, 2009)

SANDMAN Machines Like This (Take the Elevator, 2014)

BEAU WANZER Two Orders (LIES, 2013)

CHARLES MANIER Bang Bang Lover (Dance Mix) (Ghostly, 2002)

GREEN VELVET Stormy Weather (Relief, 1997)

ANTHONY SHAKE SHAKIR No. 3 (Malfunctioning) (Gigolo, 1997)

DJ ASSASSIN Beats for Ya Feet (Cross Section, 1998)

TIME FOR TECHNO Non-Music #3 (Housetime, 1989)

ECTOMORPH Satori (Interdimensional Transmissions, 1995)

ILEKTRO Nodes (Klang, 1998)

INTERCITY Groovin Without Doubt (KMS, 1987)

2 IN A ROOM Do What You Want (Deep Dub) (Cutting, 1989)

COMMON FACTOR In To (Planet E, 1998)

JACKMATE Two Tone (Freude Am Tanzen, 2007)

JOEY ANDERSON Thee Analysis (Strength, 2008)

A GUY CALLED GERALD In the Beginning (Rham, 1989)

C-ROCK Blubokz (Hazard Mix) (STIR15, 1995)

TSOS Over Beats (Soundsampler, 2011)

NEIL LANDSTRUMM DS Attack (Peacefrog, 1996)

PARRIS MITCHELL Computer (Remix) (Dance Mania, 1994)

CAJMERE Feelin (Cajual Live, 1998)

TAN RU Assembly (Trelik, 1995)

BT Remember (Mood II Swing Dub) (Perfecto, 1997)

STEVE O’SULLIVAN Midnight Creeper (Bluetrain, 1997)

DJ SKULL Don’t Stop the Beat (Djax, 1993)

STEVE MURPHY & DIE ROH Last Week (Chiwax, 2012)

LIL LOUIS Frequency (Track) (Dance Mania, 1987)

MILCH Kinder Brei (Kotai & Mo Uschi O Remix) (ElektroMotor, 1995)

THE ENDLESS POKERS The Poke (Your Turn 2 Work Me Mix) (DJ International, 1987)

HANK JACKSON Chicken Fried Shrimp (Proibito, 2016)

RRR Chat (Elektro Music Dept, 1995)

NENEH CHERRY Everything (Vilod High Blood Pressure Mix) (Smalltown Supersound, 2014)

JACKMATE Tapeworms (Resopal Schallware, 2003)

METRIC SYSTEM SP-12 (Trope, 1997)

BBBBBB Prins Polo Caramel Milkshake (Trip, 2016)

DETROIT DIESEL Railway (Dum, 1995)

TINFOIL Foil 3 (Tinfoil, 2014)

THE ORB Asylum (Blood Sugar Mix) (Island, 1997)

STEVE BUG Honeymoon (Russ Gabriel Remix) (Raw Elements, 2008)

PATRICK PULSINGER Risk (Disko B, 1994)

SVN & AU FEAT PALEO On Tempo (Wania, 2014)

PORN SWORD TOBACCO & SVN Feels Good 3 (Kontra-Musik, 2015)

STABLO No.9995 B (Stablo, 2012)

CHRISTOPHER RAU Broke (Office, 2014)

ANDY VAZ Dark inclination (Shake Shakir’s Detroit Mix) (Persistencebit, 2006)

TSOS Over and Over (Soundsampler, 2011)

LAWRENCE King Quail (Mule Musiq, 2014)

DUBSTAR Back To Back (Triptrack Edit) (Soap, 1998)

ROBERT HOOD Rek (Tresor, 1994)

CLAUDE YOUNG Ascension of the Elect (7th City, 1996)

KOTAI & MO Panawu (Elektro Music Dept, 1997)

PRIMITIVE URGES Volume 1 (Primitive, 1997)

GESCOM D1 (Skam, 2007)