Tracklistings Mixtape 560 – Interdimensional Warlock
Tracklistings Mixtape 560 - Interdimensional Warlock

Artist: Interdimensional Warlock
Show: Tracklistings Mixtape 560
Genre: House, Electro,
Source: RSS

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Tracklistings Mixtape 560 Tracklist

Aliens, Immortal time-travelers, LA Based Electro producer/DJ “Interdimensional Warlock”.. These mysterious and beguiling figures all share one trait – much has been kept from the public’s knowledge of their existence, origins, and objectives. Data pertaining to the The latter of this group, (Interdimensional Warlock) have only recently been unearthed – Exposing a decades-long coverup & scandal, following an unprecedented cyber-attack against NASA and the CIA, leaking many of the most closely guarded TOP SECRET documents in history, acknowledging his existence – and more troublingly, recent escape from US Space Force custody.

What *is* known, is that his beats are a cunning adversary – the result of a lifetime of obsessive dedication in the curatorship and production of his ‘music’ combining influences from the past, present, and future of underground electro – represent a clear and present danger to the status quo – and threaten all we have achieved in our efforts to control and contain the thoughts of the general public, through our relentless mind control campaigns.

It is speculated that he is being hidden by a rogue group of radicals – self-proclaimed band of ‘defenders of the underground’ – in a secret location deep underneath Los Angeles, and we have reason to believe that he and his forces are planning something big.

With releases on respected labels like Digital Distortions, Perimeter Junk, & Diffuse Reality, His beats and DJ sets have potential to stun and hypnotize the listener – and should be handled with utmost caution.

01. Second Story – Attack of the Modlings [Trust]
02. Liebknecht – Reykjavik [Science Cult]
03. Korol – Control Me [LBR Records]
04. Ambien Baby – Sacrifico
05. Fleck E.S.C. – Further Away [Science Cult]
06. LectrO cOd_E – Sit and Wait (Detroit’s Filthiest Remix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
07. Wee DJs – Living [This Machine is Broken]
08. Second Story – Days Without End [Pyramid Transmissions]
09. Interdimensional Warlock – “Your” Planet? [Diffuse Reality Records]
10. Nikki Nair – I Can’t Stop [Nikki Nair]
11. Petrovski – Black Gloves [ROBOTDISCO ELECTRONIX]
12. Liebknecht – Barcelona [Science Cult]
13. Silicon Scally – Static Fire [Central Processing Unit]
14. Ben Pest – Direct Slaps [No Static / Automatic]
15. IDK – leTs dAncE [Daniel Myer]
16. Broken Control Voltage – Humans [Urban Connections]
17. Ulysses – The Most Successful Algorithm (John Selway Remix) [Science Cult]
18. Omicron – Syntax Error [LBR Records]
19. Silicon Scally – Walk Over [C.P.U. Recordings]
20. Docta Gee – Vega [Blind Allies]
21. Interviews & S-T – High Climber [BroknToys]
22. DBacon – Egris [This Machine is Broken]
23. Fictional Devices – x13 [Perimeter Junk]
24. Datassette – Crystal Drool (Live @ Cafe OTO) [Datassette]

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