Tracklistings Mixtape 571 – D3070
Tracklistings Mixtape 571 - D3070

Artist: D3070
Show: Tracklistings Mixtape 571 – D3070
Genre: House, Electro,
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Tracklistings Mixtape 571 – D3070 Tracklist

Alboren Bani, aka D3070, was born in Durres (Albania) in 1990, then moved permanently to Southern Italy in 1997. He began frequenting clubs and dance halls as a true clubber from an early age, making his own culture of electronic music. In 2013, after his first visit to the city of Berlin and renowned clubs such as Tresor and Berghain, the desire to collect vinyls and try his hand at learning the art of DJing sprang up in him.

Only in 2018 did he decide to interface with the world of production as a need to express what most represents him in the vast world of electronic music.

He released his first release, Deep Impact, with 1Ø PILLS MATE’s sub-label, Cyberdome, in August 2021, and then Space Invader with mother label Lobster Theremin in October 2021.
Just two months later follows Love This Party on UTTU’s sub-label, Dance Traxx, and in August 2022 The Fate Of Humanity for Science Cult. More material already lined up for the coming months, so better keep an eye on this guy. Hot stuff!

01. False Persona – Catalyst
02. Nite Fleit, False Persona – Parallax
03. YTP – Back $tabbin
04. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Rotorwerks
05. Djedjotronic – Celular
06. The Exaltics & Paris The Black Fu – 10 0seco ndstil lmidn ight
07. Dagga – Silkroad
08. Syrte – Lifeform
09. Aleister – Knock
10. Syrte – Obedience Paradox
11. Assembler Code, Jensen Interceptor – Otherside
12. Unklevon – Sharping Shadow
13. Unklevon – Thrilled Since 93
14. Assembler Code – Mental Escape
15. DeFeKT feat. Jensen Interceptor – Malfunction
16. Jensen Interceptor – Xternal
17. False Persona – Death Rattle
18. Jensen Interceptor – MCP
19. Zeta Reticula – Solar Analogs
20. Slaves of Sinus – On the flipside
21. Detroit In Effect – Nothing’s Like Detroit
22. Slaves Of Sinus – On the Slate
23. Slaves of Sinus – Potential weakness
24. DeFeKT – Cyber Control
25. Fleck E.S.C. – Inflammatory
26. Dopplereffekt – Mirror Symmetry
27. Jlin – Never Created, Never Destroyed
28. Rude Kid – 11pm
29. Tommy – Wright
30. Eva Noxious – Killa

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