Tracklistings Mixtape 591 – Bob Aster
Tracklistings Mixtape 591 - Bob Aster
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Artist: Bob Aster
Show: Tracklistings Mixtape 591 – Bob Aster
Genre: #House, #Electro
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Tracklistings Mixtape 591 – Bob Aster Tracklist

“I used to be a live musician, playing bass in different underground bands in Belarus, but started playing as a DJ in Minsk, Belarus, in the beginning of the 2022. Around a half a year ago I left my homeland and moved to Vilnius, Lithuania. Though, I still continue to experiment with my sound and style, digging into fast-but-acid techno from time to time, my main style from the beginning has been groovy and dark electro with punchy breakbeat and breaks, which I present in this selection”

01. Djedjotronic – Global Surveillance (Original mix)
02. Ben Pest – Titanium Bizness
03. Issu – Oscillate (Original mix)
04. Neit Fleit & Umwelt – Nightmare at 20.000 feet
05. Sound Synthesis and Date – Modulation
06. False Persona – Subtraction
07. Privacy – NCSC (Original mix)
08. Helsmoortel – Violence (Original mix)
09. MagikBitum – Toxic View Screen (Original mix)
10. Datawave – Quadrant
11. Ement – How much is too much
12. Jensen Interceptor – Leather Athletics (Original mix)
13. Nite Fleit – Tiny world of terror (Original mix)
14. Diplomat – My Cyborg
15. Datawave – Pulsar
16. False Persona – Orbit
17. Dez Williams – On the verge
18. Terrestrial Access Network – Current (Original mix)

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