Tracklistings Mixtape 594 – Donquièstar
Tracklistings Mixtape 594 - Donquièstar
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Artist: Donquièstar
Show: Tracklistings Mixtape 594 – Donquièstar
Genre: #House, #Electro
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Tracklistings Mixtape 594 – Donquièstar Tracklist

Bio : Donquièstar, pronounced “Don-Key-Yes-Tar” serves as the stage name for this digital dance master and techno freak. Being the former bassist and one of the members behind the legendary acid house punk rock industrial sex head tripping masters “Lords of Acid”, he walks alone now and produces all kinds of electronic music.

Donquièstar : “Mix I’ve put together from my favorite tracks from the last two years, mostly discovered in the always inspiring Tracklistings premiere (2021-2022)… And some extras…”

01. ARP 220 – R U Velvet? [Applied Research]
02. DJ Godfather – You Can’t Stop This [Databass Records]
03. Raphael Dincsoy – 70374 [HALBWELT]
04. LeinaD – R U An Alien? [FU.ME]
05. Leroy Se Meurt – Angles Morts [Soil Records]
06. Rapha – Agressive Dissorder [Dalmata Daniel]
07. AbsolutUnsa – Ecoute (Kinky Da Fresh Edition)
08. Mind / Matter – Psychiatric Facility [Soil Records]
09. Red Deviil – Skull & Bones [OSM tapes]
10. NƵM 99 – Mad World [Flesh Or Die]
11. E-bony – Daddy Issues [Dalmata Daniel]
12. AJAE – Reverse
13. Artem Lastname – Interplanetary Ping Pong [FERMA]
14. KafkaCtrl – Checksum Zero [Zement]
15. Ement – How Much Is Too Much (Alavux Remix) [PZ Records]
16. F. Vinuesa – Analog Activity [Distrito 91]
17. Heretix & Jean Rave – Cosmos 2.0 [elektrotribe]
18. Kerrie – Forged [Dark Machine Funk]
19. Donquièstar – Foxy Lady (Alavux Remix)
20. 13130 Space Project – International Problem (Blaktony Global Issue Remix) [Seclusion 13130]

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