Tracklistings Radio Show 046 – Dj Xed
Tracklistings Radio Show 046 - Dj Xed
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Artist: Dj Xed
Show: Tracklistings Radio Show 046 – Dj Xed
Genre: #House, #Electro, #Techno
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Tracklistings Radio Show 046 – Dj Xed Tracklist

DJ Xed started as a b-boy almost from day one since the beginning of electro funk era. He started dj-ing in the late 80’s.

10 years later he formed Crobot Crew with his longtime friend N-TER. Soon thereafter they started the record label @CrobotMuzik which would go on to release music from Fleck ESC, Datawave, The Advent, Carl Finlow, Microslav, DJ Godfather, Kalson, Go Nuclear and many more.

Crobot Crew promoted several parties with A-list international guests such as AUX88, Anthony Rother, The Advent, Exzakt, Paul Blackford and more.

After almost 20 years of playing music he felt it was about time to start producing. He released for labels such as Twilight 76, Elektropunkz and Subsonic Device, and many more.

He also made remixes for various artists like Aux 88, Newcleus, N-ter, Morphogenetic and Paul Blackford.

He devoted his life to a genre that he likes to call real Electro and both are here to stay.

01. Lowfish – Burn The Lights Out
02. Carl Finlow – Engines Of Creation
03. Versalife – Cone Of Silence
04. Biotnik Brothers – I See You
05. Dj Godfather – Invasion Of Detroit
06. Heliopause – Dehumanize
07. Morphology – Magellan Probe
08. Christian Smith – Pressure Drop
09. Franck Kartel – Sedna
10. Djedjotronic – Kaiko
11. Maelstrom – Scanner
12. Anthony Rother – I Am Complete
13. Blastromen – Outsider
14. CeeOnic – The Sound In Your Ear
15. The Egyptian Lover – Cyborg
16. Bass Potato – Be True
17. Sem – Symmetron
18. Mr. Velcro Fastener – The Flock
19. The Sushi Club – Tamashi (Autopilot Dub Mix)
20. Deemphasis – End Of Cycle
21. Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun To Compute

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