Noisetalgia Podcast 037 – Ayla

Noisetalgia Podcast

Noisetalgia Podcast 037 – Ayla Tracklist

37th episode of Noisetalgia brings 24 tracks from absolute legend Ingo Kunzi aka Ayla / DJ Tandu! Uplifting to the max!

Schiller – Ruhe (Ayla Remix)
Safri Duo meets Ayla – Sunrise
Pulp Victim – The World ’99 (DJ Tandu Remix)
Ayla – Outburst
Ayla – Singularity (Brainchild II)
Kai Tracid – Destiny’s Path (DJ Tandu Remix)
Watergate – Chi Mai (Ayla Remix)
Hiver & Hammer feat. Javah – 5 Million Miles (Ayla Remix)
Schiller mit Heppner – Dream Of You (Ayla Mischung)
Ayla pres. Yel – Sun Is Coming Out (Ayla’s Uplifting Mix)
DJ Quicksilver pres. Base Unique – Always On My Mind (Access Remix)
Infernal – Muzaik (Tandu Remix)
Matanka – Lost In A Dream (DJ Tandu Remix)
Ayla – Ayla Part II
Marino Stephano – Eternal Rhapsody (DJ Tandu Remix)
Orion – Eternity (Ayla Mix)
Ayla – Angelfalls (Elemental Force)
Mythos ‘N DJ Cosmo – The Heart Of The Ocean (2481 Nautical Miles Deep Mix)
Mythos ‘N DJ Cosmo – Send Me An Angel (Ayla Remix)
DJ Sakin & Friends – Protect Your Mind (Braveheart) (Ayla Remix)
Karuma – On Y Va (Tandu vs. Mind-X Mixxx)
Andora – Blade Runner (DJ Tandu Remix)
Ayla – Liebe (Trance Mix)
Ayla – Ayla (Taucher Remix)

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