Tag: Bring Back The Night

Trance enthusiast bringing people together one beat at a time! Cody Binx is the creator of the radio show “Bring Back The Night”. His inspirations are drawn from dance music pioneers like Armin van Buuren, Above and Beyond, Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan and Cosmic Gate. Born and raised in a small country town an hour east of Salt Lake City, UT Cody began his music career at the young age of 10 years old by playing the trumpet and playing music for people – a common phrase heard out of Cody’s mouth was and still is, “You have to hear this song, it makes you feel something.” Cody’s mission as a DJ is to share those feelings, those goose bumps, those moments that will forever live in your mind and make you smile. “One of my greatest satisfactions in life is sharing music with people. When you show someone a song and you see that spark in their soul ignite, there are very few better things in life than that. The power of music is an unreal force. Listening to a song is one thing, but arranging them in a mix, on the fly and sharing that – I love – it’s a form of soul therapy for me.” -Cody