Erratic Podcast 208 | DJ Tripadvisor
Erratic Podcast 208 | DJ Tripadvisor
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Show: Erratic Podcast 208 | DJ Tripadvisor
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Tech House, Techno
Source: RSS

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Erratic Podcast 208 | DJ Tripadvisor Tracklist

Next up it’s a worldly and mysterious selector with a purist approach to the craft, DJ TRIPADVISOR. Without any pre-selection or post-processing, his creative concept is to take the listener on a unique musical journey that can be felt and experienced, transcending time and space, while delivering an intricate array of diverse and intense emotions. This is a vinyl-only mix recorded in one take, further adding to its excellence and mastery. As always, relax and enjoy the ride!

01. Tadeo – Cyclical Tracks

02. Cristian Vogel – Never to late (Prime Evil Rec.)

03. Chekov – Rotlicht (Peach Discs)

04. Gesloten Circle – Moustache Rec.

05. Mikhail Bogomolov – Northern Route (ProTez)

06. October – My Left Tool (Tobias. Remix)

07. Jacek Sienkiewicz – No Image No Sound

08. Swarsa – Nothing Quit

09. Dj Wild – Tattoo (Snork Ent.)

10. Roberto – Rings of Smoke (M. Dehnert Remix)

11. Lando – Communication II (Ultramajic Rec.)

12. Thirteen Seven – Proailurus (Controlled Violence Rec.)