FACETS Podcast 070 – Sarf

FACETS Podcast 070 - Sarf
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Show: FACETS Podcast 070 – Sarf
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
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Sarf is one of those artists who stay true to their own values regardless to the trends. Since his first steps in electronics, he has shaped progressively his own approach to djing and producing. In 2015, time has come for the Spanish artist to open his own lab Analog section, a name that purposely emphasizes his dedication to the physical aspect of electronics. In addition to his own outputs, his imprint has hosted so far the most cutting edge and well established producers around such as Alexey Volkov, Joton, Pulse one, Takaaki Itoh and his partner in crime Kalter Ende.

Whether through his own material or his sets, Sarf transmits a complex vision of Techno: dark, mental and percussive yet with subtle industrial elements. His dj skills got quickly noticed in Spain as his sound has already hit clubs like Fabrik or Family. No doubt about seeing him massively impacting the scene in the near future.