FACETS Podcast 077 – STNDRD

FACETS Podcast 077 - STNDRD
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Show: FACETS Podcast 077 – STNDRD
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
Source: RSS

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FACETS Podcast 077 – STNDRD Tracklist

Diogo Lopes aka STNDRD, started his techno Journey in 2018 with some releases as STNDRD and Simbiose. His music was released in labels such Dynamic Reflection, Children of Tomorrow, Subsist, INNSIGNN, ANAØH. In 2020, STNDRD launched BAHN·Records, hand by hand with BAHN· Collective.

Delivering high standards of emotions. Passionate about the art that led him to find his passion for technology and the exploration of his darker side, aims to show his vision of how the sound waves should hit the chest of those who share the experience, vibrating like a pendulum.

It looks for in the track that everybody feels its groove, transmitting the message that the trip of each one can be the liberation of its own routine, connecting with the rhythm and arriving at the abstract feeling that the electronic music transmits.