Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 345 (Sept 19, 2019) (incl. Jack Vath Guestmix)

Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 345 (Sept 19, 2019) (incl. Jack Vath Guestmix)
Uplifting Only

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Artist: Ori Uplift
Show: Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 345 (Sept 19, 2019) (incl. Jack Vath Guestmix)
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Trance
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Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 345 (Sept 19, 2019) (incl. Jack Vath Guestmix) Tracklist

All versions (with talking and without talking, mp3 and wav) available at www.upliftingonly.com, which includes timed tracklists. This is the official version (with talking).

Today we have a great guestmix by Jack Vath, plus 6 exclusive world premieres! Today’s show is a mix of both instrumental and vocal tracks. Enjoy!

And remember, the Uplifting Only Top 15 – September 2019 compilation is now out at all stores and you can grab your copy at https://abora.lnk.to/uomc1909.

TRACKLIST (times to be posted later):
1. Sincere & Emoiryah – Grace [Masana]
2. Laker – Echoes Of Spring [TAR#138]
3. Hoyaa feat. ENY – Freefall [VERSE]
4. Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif with Cari – Shine Through [FSOE]
5. Ithur & Ella Rice – Despair (Alex Shevchenko Remix) [Sundance] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
6. PRE-RELEASE PICK: Aldo Henrycho feat. Thea Riley – We’ll Be Okay (Progressive Mix) [Abora Progressive] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
7. Nick Desku – Stormbringer [Masana]
8. FAN FAVORITE 343: Up & Forward feat. Eugene Sender – Believe In Yourself (Exolight Remix) [Levitated]
9. Alex Byrka & Petr Vojacek feat. Alaera – We Will Sound (Tau-Rine Remix) [Emergent Skies]
10. Alternate High – Run To Your Rescue [Beyond the Stars] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
11. HyperPhysics – Whispers Of The Soul [Butterfly] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
12. Solis & Sean Truby with Audrey Gallagher – Skin Deep (Solis & Sean Truby vs. Ultimate Extended Remix) [Infrasonic]
13. Driftmoon & Susana – Because of You [Amsterdam Trance Records]
14. Ilya Fly – Tender Evening [Omniset]

Jack Vath Guestmix:
15. DJ Geri – The Oceans [Azure]
16. Max Ryan – Adrift [In Sessions]
17. Moonlight Tunes – You Will Find The Way [Melancholy]
18. Aamos – Gaborone [Entrancing]
19. ID – ID [ID]
20. Shahul & AJ Sam – Endian [Ozran]
21. Kometillo – Ice Crystals [Butterfly]
22. Fer Van Dash – Fly Our Little Angel [Diper]
24. Andy De Baeke – Dreamers [Ozran]
25. Matthias Bishop – Tranquility [Modern Fusion]
26. Nord Horizon & Mr. Gee – Eclipse [TAR#138]
27. Fawzy & Jack Vath – Gate To Another Universe [Vibrate Audio]

Back with Ori Uplift:

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