Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 349 (Oct 17, 2019) (incl. FAWZY Guestmix)

Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 349 (Oct 17, 2019) (incl. FAWZY Guestmix)
Download Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 349 (Oct 17, 2019) (incl. FAWZY Guestmix) for free now!

Artist: Ori Uplift
Show: Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 349 (Oct 17, 2019) (incl. FAWZY Guestmix)
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Trance
Source: RSS

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Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only 349 (Oct 17, 2019) (incl. FAWZY Guestmix) Tracklist

All versions (with talking and without talking, mp3 and wav) available at www.upliftingonly.com, which includes timed tracklists. This is the official version (with talking).

This episode is a mix of both instrumental and vocal tracks with a special guestmix by FAWZY, plus 6 exclusive world premieres.

And remember, the Uplifting Only Top 15 – October 2019 compilation is out at all stores: https://abora.lnk.to/uomc1910!

TRACKLIST (times to be posted later):
1. Sandro Mireno & Thornmail – Credo (Intro Edit) [Abora Skies]
2. Syntouch, Eugenio Tokarev With Zara Taylor – We Can Change (Evolve Mix) [Butterfly]
3. FAN FAVORITE 347: Derek Palmer & Alaera – Your Real Way [Emergent Skies]
4. Susana – A Million Memories (Steve Allen Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance Records]
5. Jameson Tullar – Black & White (Tycoos Remix) [Yeiskomp]
6. PRE-RELEASE PICK: Dalmoori & Ryota Arai – Connected [Beyond the Stars] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
7. Maratone & Cyril Ryaz feat. Emoiryah – When The Rivers Rage [Abora Ascend]
11. DreamLife & Dmitriy Kuznetsov – La Luna Del Cacciatore [VERSE] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
10. Story Teller – Gemma [Edge One] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
12. Ross Rayer & Hidden Tigress – When I Lost You (Syntouch Remix) [Butterfly] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]
13. Allan Berndtz – Fire [Digital Euphoria] [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

FAWZY Guestmix:
14. FAWZY – When The Sun Smiles [TAR#138]
15. FAWZY – Merely An Illusion [MorAlity]
16. FAWZY & Han Beukers – Anthem Of The Ancient Kingdom [Trancespired]
17. FAWZY & Follow Focus feat. Akire – Unite With The Emotion [Interplay]
18. FAWZY Feat. Rebecca Louise – Escape The Euphoria [Elevation]
19. Logical Disparity feat. Remeya Kingston – What If? (FAWZY’s Revival Extended Mix) [State Control]
21. FAWZY & Ryan K – Internal Blackout [Blackout Trance Division]
22. FAWZY & Woody van Eyden – Emotions Vs Reality [WAO138]
23. Omniks & FAWZY feat. Akire – The Beauty Of Our Lives [Vibrate Audio]
24. FAWZY – A Safe Haven [Midnight Aurora]
25. Omniks & FAWZY – Awakening The Light [Digital Euphoria]
26. FAWZY – The Final Chapter [Elevation]

Back with Ori Uplift:
27. CHILLOUT SEND-OFF: Seven24 & Delaitech feat. Angel Falls – Let Me In [Seven24]

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