Pfirter – MindTrip Podcast 041 – Kr!z
Pfirter - MindTrip Podcast 041 - Kr!z
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Artist: Pfirter
Show: Pfirter – MindTrip Podcast 041 – Kr!z
Quality: 320 Kbps 48000 Khz
Genre: Techno
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Pfirter – MindTrip Podcast 041 – Kr!z Tracklist

We are closing this year with the very last episode of the MindTrip podcast. For this special show Pfirter invites Token’s label head Kr!z for an exclusive 100min mix. After 12 years of curating the discography on Token records, last April he finally used his platform to release his debut EP entitled Mantra that came out on vinyl and digital. His musical ethos is clearly stated from the track selection in this mix ranging from Jeff Mills, Jeroen Search, PAS to Dj Nobu, Mike Parker and more. Episode 41 is our last episode of 2019 and we are already looking forward to the new year with many more new guests on the show as well as new releases on the label.

Listen loud and Happy New Year!

01.Rrose – Open Cell [EUX]
02.Jeff Mills – Homing Device [Axis]
03.DJ Nobu – Ichimaru [Bitta]
04.Shifted – Warm Currents
05.Altinbas – Ionosphere [Non Series]
06.Eric Fetcher – Untitled
07.Oscar Mulero – Sangre V [Falling Ethics]
08.Arthur Robert – Frustration
09.Dustin Zahn – Untitled
10.Mike Parker – Dragonesque [Geophone]
11.Jeroen Search – Untitled
12.Jrd – Gamma
13.Deano – Delayed Reaction [Konsequent Records]
14.Merino – Fighting Demons [Semantica Records]
15.Border One – Kresi
16.Makaton – Proximity [Rodz-Konez]
17.Planetary Assault Systems – Red [Ostgut Ton]
18.Rene Wise – Sakar
19.Kr!z – Untitled
20.TWR72 – Zipped [TWR72]
21.Jeroen Search – Untitled
22.Border One – Rakija
23.Akenaton – Fantasy or Reality [Matterwave Records]
24.Jonas Kopp – Solar Maximus [TREMSIX]
25.Thermit – V
26.Pfirter – Mshrmstvndlprk [MindTrip]
27.Eric Fetcher – Untitled
28.The Lady Machine – Vigilance
29.Stanislav Tolkachev – When I Was a Boy [Semantica]
30.Raoul Delgardo – Steelworks [Sheep Records]
31.Nastia Reigel – Delayed
32.Linkan Ray – Introspective Vision
33.Kr!z – Imperative Needs
34.Yan Cook – As Dusk Fell [Cooked]
35.Jeff mills – Above Waiting Worlds [Axis]
36.Eric Fetcher – URL01
37.Linear Search – Ferrous
38.Inigo Kennedy & Samuli Kemppi – Buffer Overflow [Blacklabel Distillery]
39.Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual [Aftertaste Recordings]

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